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Financial & Payment Information

Before any treatment, you will receive a treatment plan which will include a breakdown of all applicable fees, and we will inform you of all costs before treatment is administered.
Charges are payable at the time of treatment. We collect in full to schedule.

Affordable Special Dental Financing Options Available

Payment Policies and Options

The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry offers numerous dentistry financing options to help cover the cost of treatment. Our Charlotte practice accepts all major credit cards, checks, and cash, as well as dental and medical payment options, and we can arrange a payment plan that spreads your payments out over time. We can also help you set up an account if you are unfamiliar with these payment options. To help us provide the best service possible at an affordable cost, we ask that you pay for your treatment on the day of your appointment, however we do accept assignment from most dental insurance companies. We collect payment in full for all procedures before they are performed.

Lending Club®

Lending Club is a leading patient financing solution within the dental industry. High approval rates and low-interest rates are also a major benefit to using this company for your cosmetic or dental implant financing needs. One of our trained patient coordinators can walk you through the process quickly and conveniently. For more information and to pre-qualify visit

CreditCare Financing®

CareCredit is an excellent way to make dentistry financing easier. Popular among our Charlotte, North Carolina patients, CareCredit is designed specifically for dental health care expenses. Many of our patients use CareCredit to fit the treatment they want or need into their budgets. We can often get approval for our patients to finance their dental care over time at lower rates than any credit card. And, in some cases, interest-free financing can be obtained. For more information visit

Other Financing Options

At Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, it is our intent to help you make the best decision possible when it comes to your wallet and your mouth. For some people, making an investment in themselves through their dental care is something new. We understand this and want you to find value in your smile. It is rare that we cannot help someone come up with ways to make their dental care affordable, even if it means completing care over a period of time. If you have postponed having dental care because it seems too expensive or costs too much, please don't hesitate to come in and let us show you the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry difference.

A Note about “Preferred Provider” Insurance Companies

Although our practice files all kinds of insurance, we are not assigned as providers for any insurance companies, since many mandate that their “preferred providers” use only the lowest-quality materials and treatments. Our practice operates with the opposite perspective, aiming to offer the highest-quality treatment options to every patient. We also believe that decisions about your dental health should be made by you and your dentist, not by your insurance company. However, we are committed to helping you in any way we can and will work to help maximize your benefits or treat you with or without insurance, in or out of network. 

Ask us about our Special Insurance Report "Are you being Ripped Off by your Dental Insurance? - 7 Insider Tips to Help you Save Time & Money." It was written by Dr. Yaste and Dr. Hufanda and will let you see behind the veil of the dental insurance industry. This report has helped hundreds if not thousands of our patients maximize their dental benefits and understand how to take the full advantage of what their dental plan offers.

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Dental Insurance at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry

We are pleased to help maximize your insurance benefits by completing your claim forms, which are transmitted electronically by the end of the treatment day if your carrier is up-to-date. In our Ballantyne dental practice, we do our best to help you understand how your dental insurance works and to make sure you are getting most out of the benefits you have. Dental insurance is often misunderstood but we can help you find out how to take advantage of your insurance and also how you may be able to save money by utilizing other strategies as well like health savings accounts, alternative employee benefits, and tax strategies. Our goal is to help you get the most value out of any benefit package you may have. We have a full time team member that is committed to helping you with your dental insurance needs.
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