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Grafting procedures are done to restore your tissues to as close to their previous form following tooth loss, gum disease or trauma.

The bone grafting procedure is simple and pain-free.

Many dental procedures, such as the placement of dental implants, require the bone be as close to its original dimension and position as possible for optimal results. Ballantyne Dentistry utilizes recent advances in medicine, state-of-the-art technology, and minimally invasive techniques to allow patients to undergo dental bone graft procedures and experience quick recovery without complications.

One important thing to understand is that not all bone grafting techniques are the same and if a bone grafting procedure is done by an inexperienced clinician it is more likely to fail. Different types of procedures can also require different types of bone. At Ballantyne Dentistry we have experience with many types of bone grafting procedures including GBR, Sinus lift procedures, socket preservation, ridge augmentation and more. The types of bone graft materials vary, but we have the ability to use allograft, autograft, xenografts, and alloplast. We also integrate different types of membrane materials as well as a newer procedure utilizing platelet rich fibrin (PRF) that helps patients heal faster and have less discomfort.

If you’re in need of a bone graft for a dental implant, contact our office and come in for a bone graft consultation.
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About Bone Grafting

For patients who have had missing teeth for some time with the typical resultant bone loss, Ballantyne Dentistry is able to employ a variety of options for your bone grafting procedure. The bone grafting procedure is simple and pain-free.
Why is grafting needed?
Dental bone grafts are used to restore deficient areas, thereby creating implant placement possibilities that would otherwise be absent.

After dental removal of teeth, the bone surrounding the missing tooth will slowly begin to resorb (i.e., shrink) resulting in a loss of both bone height and width. As bone resorbs the overlying gum tissue, you will also lose both volume and the normal anatomic form. This loss of bone and gum tissue following a tooth extraction often results in both functional and cosmetic defects, leaving an unsightly collapsed appearance.

At Ballantyne Dentistry, the doctors take a proactive stance on bone preservation. Bone and gum tissue loss following teeth removal can either be greatly reduced or completely eliminated thanks to advances in bone graft procedures and bioengineering. Following a tooth extraction, a specially bioengineered dental bone graft material is placed within the extraction socket. The bone graft material not only supports new bone growth but also has been shown to preserve bone and overlying soft tissue following tooth removal.

What is the process of Bone Grafting?
Bone grafting is a safe procedure and we can discuss your options in-depth with you before surgery takes place to ensure you’re receiving the appropriate type of treatment for your needs. You’ll normally be given a local anesthetic to reduce pain while the procedure is taking place and can opt for intravenous sedation if you need it. Once the procedure is completed, you will be provided with antibiotics as well as medication for pain if required. You will be advised not to consume specific foods to avoid putting pressure on the graft. You should be able to carry on with your day-to-day life as normal while the bone graft is healing. Once the grafted bone has fused or become a robust part of the existing bone your implants will be added.
Who is a good candidate for Bone Grafting?
Bone grafting is ideal for anyone wishing to have implants placed but currently does not have enough bone for safe and secure placement.

If you’re in need of a bone graft for a dental implant, contact our office and come in for a bone graft consultation.


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