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Dr. Christian Yaste 

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Christian Yaste, D.D.S. is a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. In 1996, he moved to Charlotte, North Carolina and completed a two-year postgraduate residency in Oral Medicine at The Carolinas Medical Center. Dr. Yaste is qualified in all areas of general dentistry but has also taken advanced training in cosmetic restorative procedures as well as full mouth rehabilitation. In addition he is board certified to provide sedation dentistry in North Carolina. Dr. Yaste is a national speaker and consultant for several dental manufacturers and has been published in multiple dental journals. Recently he and his partner authored the book, "Open Your Mouth! How the Right Conversations with Your Dentist Can Change Your Life."

In dental school, Dr. Yaste had a bike accident that left him with several broken off front teeth and cuts to his face and mouth. Immediately after the accident, he found himself being rushed through the process of a dental emergency that left him scared with dental phobia. It was at this point that he almost quit dental school, not being able to imagine a career of making people uncomfortable. Instead, he and his partner Dr. Joe embarked on a mission to find ways to make dentistry comfortable for their patients. His experience has made him more empathetic to the needs of his patients and helped develop the vision behind the Charlotte Dental Implant Solutions.

Dr. Yaste is married and has two children. His parents and siblings live in North Carolina and he enjoys visiting together with them frequently. He is a motorcycle and car enthusiast and also enjoys mountain and road biking, camping, fishing, Spartan races, reading and spending time with his children and wife. Dr. Yaste's favorite food is Taco Bell! (hence his nickname at the office is "docobell".) His "soul" purpose is serving others through dentistry and he has a passion for changing peoples lives through their smiles.
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Dr. Yaste and his entire, wonderful staff! We cannot stop smiling now that our smiles are so bright! Thank you Dr. Yaste! Thank you to the entire staff at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry! You gave us love and excellent care and we love you all!
– Patient, Kate E.


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