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Sedation dentistry in Charlotte, NC is designed to help patients feel relaxed as dental procedures are carried out. The sedatives given help patients relieve anxiety, and they make the entire dental experience pleasant. Sedation dentistry has been popular for years and its popularity is increasing. There are many in North Carolina who have serious dental health issues that need to be addressed, but because of their terror about going to the dentist, they stay away. Sedation dentistry is the only way they can get the oral health help they need. Why Sedation Dentistry Is Beneficial to Those Who Dread Dental Visits Benefits of Sedation Dentistry People are afraid of going to the dentist because they’re scared it will hurt. Sedation dentistry increases a patient’s pain threshold, allowing the dentist to perform the procedure without using anesthesia at all, or only using minimal amounts. After undergoing sedation, a patient can endure longer dental procedures. They won’t feel any discomfort and their mouth won’t hurt from being open for so long. This means that they are able to have multiple procedures done at once, or have longer procedures done in just one sitting instead of needing to have multiple visits. This is a great option for people who have a busy schedule or have limited time. Sedation dentistry saves money. This may seem counter-intuitive since the sedation process adds money to the front-end of the dental treatment expense. However, since the dentist is able to perform multiple procedures in one setting, the patient is not getting charged for multiple visits. Since anesthesia is not being used, patients do not need to pay for it. It also saves money in the long run because sedation dentistry makes people feel more comfortable about going to the dentist. This way, they address minor dental issues, such as small cavities or chips in their teeth, before they become major issues, such as root canals, that are a lot more expensive. A sedation dentistry clinic is full of trained dentists who work with their patients, helping them get the smile they have always dreamed of. Patients leave the clinic with less fear of the dentist and the improved self-esteem that comes from having an attractive smile. They get the benefits of visiting the dentist without the emotional trauma. Sources: (The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry, (Explaining the Benefits of Sedation Dentistry,
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