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Too many people have dental issues and choose to ignore them, rather than visiting a professional Charlotte cosmetic dentist. We will go through our life not smiling or laughing, and avoiding talking to people if we have to, simply because we are afraid to visit the dentist. Well, with the advances in cosmetic dentistry, today’s cosmetic dentist has many tools to use to make sure your dental procedure is as pain-free and anxiety-free as possible. Once you have made that smart decision, the next step is finding the right dentist.

Here are a few tips to help you in your search for a Charlotte cosmetic dentist:

  • Friends and family: If someone you know has had experience with a cosmetic dentist, it would make sense to ask them how pleased they were with whom they chose.
  • Look for dentists online at websites where the general public can ask questions about cosmetic dentistry to participating professionals. One such website is
  • Your PCP: Your family doctor might be able to suggest a cosmetic dentistry professional.
  • Accrediting organizations: The AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) offers a searchable database for member dentists.
  • Advertising, websites, commercials and directories: This is a competitive field, and a much higher percentage of cosmetic dentists advertise their expertise than do regular dentists and practitioners.

Facts and figures

Here are some interesting (and very true) facts, based on surveys and real data. Each one of these is more than enough reason to make an immediate appointment with Charlotte cosmetic dentists, Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda. The only thing between you and a beautiful smile is you.
  • 75% of those over the age of 21 say that a good smile is key to career success
  • People who are considered attractive earn at least 5% more, on average
  • 71% of adults think a person having a nice smile can make friends much easier than someone who does not have a nice smile
  • Attractive individuals are seen as helpful and honest, whereas less attractive people are perceived to be unfair and rude
  • 94% of individuals say the first thing they notice about a person is their smile, even before noticing their height, weight or eyes
  • 87% of adults agree that having a nice smile directly correlates to having high self-esteem
You will notice the word “attractive” used quite often here. The concept of attraction does vary from person to person, but let’s face it; a person with a great smile is generally seen as being more attractive than someone who either does not have a great smile, or doesn’t smile at all. This is where cosmetic dentistry performed by qualified Charlotte cosmetic dentists, Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda, can help. In fact, further studies show that people having yellow, crooked or missing teeth have much less self-confidence, and are very reluctant to talk, laugh or smile. This often makes them seem angry, timid, hesitant or withdrawn. If this is you, then it’s time to do something about it. Pick up the phone and call your local Charlotte cosmetic dentists, Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry and make an appointment today. BCD - n37
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