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Though dental implants have existed for over 50 years, there have been some major improvements in dental implants in Charlotte, NC and other cities in just the last 10 years. Thanks to these three massive changes in the construction and implementation of dental implants and false teeth, patients are now able to walk into and out of a dental office with a new set of teeth in as little as a single hour or even one appointment. These modern day miracles in the implant industry are called "Teeth in an Hour," All on 4 Implants, and Mini Implants. These Cutting-edge Dental Implants Are not Your Father's Implants Immediate Function: "Teeth In an Hour" Nobel Biocare is one of the world's leading implant manufacturers for dental implants. Its product, Immediate Function, has come so far that it allows dentists at implant centers to put in both implants and working replacement teeth in a single appointment of as little as a mere hour. This is an almost unbelievable improvement over the traditional surgical placement of the dental implants that typically needed the patient to wait a few months before the implants can have teeth placed. Thanks to the cutting-edge computer design of these "teeth in an hour," the two processes can often be done during the same appointment for both implant fixtures and replacement teeth. All On Four Dental Implants Dr. Paulo Malo, the Portuguese dentist, invented the All on Four Dental Implants technology. He angled his implants in order to gain incredible stability in a full denture set with merely four dental implants located in the anterior part of the jaw where a greater bone density typically exists. This technique has saved countless patients the suffering associated with bone grafting. Mini Dental Implants Mini implants are yet another recent improvement in the dental implant field. These implants prove to be far smaller than typical implants are. They may be affixed rather affordably and simply. The downside remains that they lack staying power and are not sturdy. This means that with too much pressure, they fail earlier than intended. It is critical to work with a highly reputable dentist if you decide to have the mini dental implants attached in Charlotte. Sources: (New Developments in Dental ImplantTechnologies, (What’s New In Dental Implants,
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