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Charlotte Teeth Whitening For That Perfect Smile

Whiten your teeth several shades

Zoom ACP represents the latest advancement in professional teeth whitening. There are usually different levels of procedures for teeth whitening, and Zoom is the top-of-the-line treatment. It is administered by many of the top cosmetic dentists. Zoom is designed to whiten your teeth several shades in a single office visit, and it has only minor side effects.

Explaining the procedure

To whiten your teeth with Zoom, your cosmetic dentist will cover your teeth and gums as a protective measure. The next step is that a whitening gel is applied to the teeth, and then your dentist exposes your teeth to the Zoom light. This is intended to break down stains and brighten your teeth. After the gel has been on your teeth for the prescribed period of time, the dentist applies a sensitivity reducing gel. The Zoom teeth whitening process usually is completed in less than an hour, including the completion of a routine cleaning. The gel and the light are applied for 15 minute periods at a time. Your cosmetic dentist will usually perform as many as three applications, with the treatment time totaling around 45 minutes. Again, the applications are usually completed in one office visit. It is also possible that the applications can be performed during multiple visits if, for some reason, that is the preferred course of treatment.

Restoring your brilliant smileteeth whitening charlotte nc

Many patients have worked hard over the years to maintain a bright and brilliant smile; however, with time and aging, the teeth can still become darkened and discolored. There are several factors that have an effect on the discoloration of our teeth, such as tobacco use, coffee or wine, and even medications. Fortunately, there are a number of approaches available for patients to restore their white smile, and the most effective and dramatic results can be realized with Zoom ACP teeth whitening. One of the reasons why this procedure is so popular with patients is that they will be able to see definite results in less than an hour. The Zoom teeth whitening procedure is unquestionably the choice for patients that want noticeable results with their teeth whitening procedure and after other procedures have failed to yield the desired results.

Cosmetic Dentistry Charlotte Teeth Whitening

At the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry in Charlotte, NC, their cosmetic dentists offer many options for helping patients accomplish a whiter and brighter smile. They offer affordable L.E.D. cosmetic teeth whitening, advanced professional teeth bleaching, traditional professional tray teeth whitening, and Zoom ACP teeth bleaching.

Zoom is an upgrade in whitening and is often requested by individuals who are looking for the procedure that produces the most dramatic results. On average, patients gain 10 shades in whiteness with ZOOM. Zoom is a necessity if you have dental bonding or wear porcelain veneers. If they are properly maintained by a dental professional, your teeth can stay white for a lifetime. The cosmetic dentists at the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry can provide a lifetime teeth whitening program that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Call them now and take advantage of their affordable teeth whitening specials.


Things you need to know about teeth whitening

Reasons we need teeth whitening

There are various methods that are used for teeth whitening and to correct the discoloration of the teeth. The fastest and safest method is to have a dentist whiten your teeth in his or her office. Over-the-counter teeth whitening can take weeks and give purchasers a one to two shade difference. Depending on the type of whitening method used, a cosmetic dentist can safely have your teeth appear up to ten shades lighter. Teeth become stained for a number of reasons. The use of tobacco and drinking certain beverages such as coffee, soda, red wine, or tea are predominant reasons for the discoloration and stains. Beyond your lifestyle, the aging process can stain and darken your teeth, as well as the use of certain medications and fluoride.

Advantages of in-office whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most effective ways to get your smile looking its best. Nonprofessional, over-the -counter teeth whitening can often lead to less than satisfactory results. Professional teeth whitening holds several advantages for patients. For example, having your teeth whitened by a dentist is fast, easy and convenient. Most procedures will have you in and out of the dental office in less than an hour. When teeth whitening is performed by a dental professional, the procedure is proven to be safe with little or no sensitivity to the teeth. Most importantly, your dentist can determine the exact cause of the discoloration of your teeth and provide the best possible treatment for your individual case.

Professional teeth whitening in Charlotte, NC67

The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry in Charlotte, NC provides many options that help patients achieve a bright and attractive smile. They offer affordable L.E.D. cosmetic teeth whitening, which is an effective and relatively inexpensive way to get your teeth whitened several shades brighter. The procedure is painless, and it takes about 15-20 minutes.

They also offer Advanced Professional BleachBright teeth whitening. This procedure successfully removes stubborn stains and turns yellow teeth substantially whiter. This is another affordable solution for almost everyone, and it only takes 30 minutes.

Zoom ACP is the latest advancement in professional teeth bleaching. Zoom is often requested by individuals who are looking for the option that produces the most dramatic results. On average, individuals gain 10 shades in whiteness with Zoom. Zoom ACP teeth bleaching is a 45 minute process. Zoom will provide the best results for patients who have dental bonding or porcelain veneers.

When your teeth are properly maintained by a dental professional, they can stay white for a lifetime. Your first consideration should be to see one of the cosmetic dentists at The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, where they provide a lifetime teeth whitening program that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Call their office today and take advantage of their latest teeth whitening specials.

Cosmetic dentistry makes teeth whitening fast and affordable

Cosmetic dentist bring the best of teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most sought after dental procedures because people are concerned about their appearance and making a good first impression. The truth is that the whiteness of your teeth is not an indication of your dental health. People will spend a lot of time and money purchasing over the counter tooth whitening products without giving much consideration to any other aspect of their dental health. There are people with very white teeth, who under examination, show signs of tooth decay and gum disease that they are not aware of.

This is why it is important to have your teeth professionally cleaned by a cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists want you to have a fantastic smile, but they are also concerned about your oral health. When you have your teeth professionally whitened, your cosmetic dentist is going to make sure that your teeth don’t just look healthy, but that they are healthy. Another reason why you want to whiten your teeth by a dentist is because that is the only means by which teeth whitening can be brightened in an hour or less. Over the counter tooth whitening treatments require one to four weeks before they are effective. In addition, your dentist has two or three options for teeth whitening, depending on your individual situation.

L.E.D. professional teeth whitening43

L.E.D. professional whitening is a relatively inexpensive way to get your teeth whitened. It is also very effective, making your teeth several shades brighter than they are now. The procedure is virtually painless and the procedure will last about 15 -20 minutes. This would be your first option for mildly discolored teeth.

Advanced professional BleachBright teeth whitening

This process is not available everywhere. It is proven to successfully whiten more stubborn stains teeth that are significantly yellow. The result is a brilliant match to the perfect shade of white. This is a reasonably affordable solution that can be performed in about 30 minutes. Less than 1% of patients report any sensitivity at all, even after repeated whitening from this procedure.

ZOOM! ACP teeth bleaching

Zoom ACP represents the latest technology in professional teeth bleaching. This procedure is for individuals who are looking for the most dramatic results. The average person can gain an astounding 10 shades in whiteness with ZOOM. The process takes approximately 45 minutes. Some patients report teeth sensitivity for up to 12 hours after the treatment; however the procedure is completely safe. Zoom is the recommended procedure for patients with dental bonding or porcelain veneers.

Tooth whitening in Charlotte, NC

There is no doubt that teeth whitening is most effective and safest when performed “in office” by a dentist. If properly maintained by a dental professional, your teeth can stay white for a lifetime. If you reside in Charlotte, NC the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry we can provide you with a teeth whitening program that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Call them now and take advantage of their latest teeth whitening specials.

Safe and affordable teeth whitening in Charlotte, NC

I need to whiten my teeth

Over the counter teeth whitening is not as safe as we would like it to be. There are literally hundreds of teeth whitening products on the market and a great majority of them are somewhat ineffective. Something that is largely unknown is that the government does not regulate teeth whiteners. Whitening the teeth is a very important undertaking for many people because one of the sure things in life is that as we age, our teeth will darken. There are factors that can cause your teeth to discolor, but discounting all these factors, our teeth will undoubtedly darken and yellow with age. The process is just as natural for all people as is the process of graying hair. For the most part, it cannot be avoided, but your cosmetic dentist has several ways to help you improve your teeth coloration.

Teeth stain and discolor for many reasons

Taking on the whitening process is not a sure thing, and I will tell you why. We already know that teeth will discolor as we age.  Teeth also discolor from the use of tobacco products, drinking coffee, or wine. The teeth can also discolor from the use of certain medications; and naturally, your teeth can discolor from poor dental hygiene. Many do not realize that there are no over the counter whiteners that can whiten teeth that have tooth decay and yellowing due to poor hygiene. When tooth decay is present, the application of whitening products can cause pain and extreme irritation if whiteners are applied to cavities. In the case of other forms of discoloration, you have to understand why the teeth are discolored and what would be the proper method to remove the stains. The only way you can get this information is from your dental professionals.

With regard to safety, over the counter products can be harmful in the respect that they can be applied for the wrong purpose or they can be overused. There are actual incidents when people have irritated or even burned their gums with overuse. If you feel that you are determined to use over the counter treatments, talk with your dentist in an effort to discuss your particular case and the proper type of whitening. In fact, your dentist can also put together whitening trays for you.

Teeth whitening at the dentist office 68

If you want white teeth, your cosmetic dentist not only has the best technology, he or she can provide it very affordably; and some procedures can be completed in as soon as 15 to 20 minutes. There are three or four procedures that the dentist has to help you whiten your teeth and the longest procedure means getting in and out of the office in about 45 minutes. The dentist will discuss the options- showing your current shade of white and will help you reach your goal white. When your dentist gets your teeth whitened to the shade you desire, the whitening should last longer than over the counter products, and can be touched up with your periodic checkups or products he can sell you to use at home, in between professional teeth whitening services at the dentist.

Cosmetic teeth whitening in Charlotte

If you live in the Charlotte area, and you are looking to brighten your smile, see the cosmetic dentists at the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry. They have many have many options for helping patients achieve a whiter and brighter smile. Give them only 30 minutes and you will have whiter, impressive teeth…pain free! Dr. Yaste and Dr. Hufanda have helped thousands whiten their teeth, and they always guarantee results.  They have the most up to date technology, enabling them to provide for all your dental needs. Call their office today and schedule a free consultation for safe and affordable teeth whitening.

Cosmetic dentistry for teeth whitening

I need to whiten my teeth

I always imagined teeth whitening at the dental office to be a painstaking and expensive ordeal. I was wrong, and I actually have learned that the dentist saves you time and money when it comes to teeth whitening. Millions of Americans spend hundreds of millions of dollars on home whitening products every year.

If there is a tooth whitening process that can be purchased in the drug store, I have tried it.  After years of attempting to get that pearly white smile that I always see on the TV commercials. I discovered that your cosmetic dentist offers a number of options, for teeth whitening, and surprisingly, they are all reasonably priced and very effective. In fact, I could have saved a ton of money with just one trip to the dentist for teeth whitening.

Most people can have their teeth whitened 1-2 shades brighter in about twenty minutes.  The most involved methods of teeth whitening take about 45 minutes and usually are done in one visit. To me, either option is better than holding store bought whitening trays in your mouth for 2 hours. A teeth whitening by your cosmetic dentist is much more effective and less obtrusive for busy lifestyles.

Why teeth whitening by cosmetic dentistry is more effective69

Something that is not readily pointed out by over the counter teeth whitening manufacturers is the fact that not all discoloration is the same. Some tooth discoloration occurs on top of the tooth enamel, which is a little easier to remove. This comes from generalized stains that are caused by foods and drinks that we ingest, and with the use of tobacco products. Surface stains can be removed according to the stubbornness of these stains. For example, if you have been smoking for 20 years, the chances are that you will need some very specific application to get bright white teeth.

Some tooth discoloration appears under the enamel. This could come from the use of certain medications or aging. In such cases you may require dental bleaching for the removal of such stains. Dental bleaching by your cosmetic dentist is the use of harmless bleaching agents applied to your teeth for a short period. The entire process takes about 40 minutes and the results can be 10 to 12 shades lighter.

Teeth whitening in Charlotte, NC

 It is important to see a dentist so that he or she can tell you what level of teeth whitening you will require, and what your expected results should be. Genetics has a lot to say about how white your teeth are naturally. For patients who are looking for that brilliant white regardless of the natural color of your teeth, your cosmetic dentist can tell you what you will need to do. For those who desire a more gradual and hands on approach to teeth whitening, your cosmetic dentist will also be happy to create bleaching trays for you to use at home.

If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina, you have access to a cosmetic dentist that has performed thousands of teeth whitening procedures. The Ballantyne Center for dentistry is one of the premier Cosmetic Dentistry offices in the area. They are committed to making the dental experience convenient, relaxed and pain free. They have one of the most advanced offices in the Carolinas.  Dental visits are more like going to a day spa. Call them today for a free consultation on teeth whitening that is safe, fast, and can save you time and money.

Teeth whitening for the common person

Whiten my teeth in Charlotte NC

If you think that teeth whitening is something that only Hollywood stars did before they hit the big time, think again. Cosmetic dentistry is available to the likes of you and me too – and it may well be more affordable than you think. Are you happy with your smile? Do you feel confident flashing your pearly whites when you meet someone for the first time? If your answer to any or all of these questions is a resounding ‘no’, then do not worry because there is something you can do about it.

Almost all dentists offer tooth whitening; cosmetic dentists have a whole repertoire of tools to whiten your smile. Maybe you would just like to go a shade or two whiter, or perhaps years of smoking have taken their toll and your teeth are stained and discolored. Whatever the issue, your Charlotte cosmetic dentist will have the answer and the best approach. Cosmetic dentists are specially trained to restore your smile no matter what the issue. Remember, tooth whitening is a relatively simple procedure, but you want a trained artist like the cosmetic dentist to assess your teeth and recommend the best procedure for you.

Methods to whiten my teeth in Charlotte NC70

L.E.D Cosmetic Teeth Whitening is an entry-level and relatively affordable way of ensuring you leave your dentist’s office with teeth that are shades lighter.  This is great for people who are short on time as the whole process only takes around 15 to 20 minutes. It takes care of stains and mild discoloring and can be safely re-done as often as needed. Advanced Professional Bleach Bright is for those with yellow teeth and stubborn stains. This takes a little longer at 30 minutes but it’s an affordable option and a popular one, with less than 1% of previous patients feeling any sensitivity. This can also be re-done if necessary.

The impressively named Zoom! ACP Teeth Bleaching offers more dramatic results for those who really want to make an impression. You can go up to 10 shades whiter with this process, which takes 45 minutes and lasts a lifetime (again avoiding red wine and other foods that stain is highly recommended). Patients will experience some sensitivity for up to 12 hours.

I want to whiten my teeth

So, you’re in Charlotte NC, and you are considering teeth whitening, The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry is an excellent choice. In their attractive spa-like office environment they have helped thousands of people achieve the smile of their dreams. They offer all of the above systems, as well as traditional tray whitening. They will be more than happy to take some time and explain the procedures in more depth, and to advise which is the perfect teeth whitening procedure to get you that winning smile that you’ve always wanted. Call them today to schedule a consultation for teeth whitening.

The ease of teeth whitening in Charlotte, NC

Finding a Charlotte dentist to whiten my teeth

If anyone ever needed teeth whitening, I do. I always feel the embarrassment of having stained teeth. When I was younger, my teeth were bright white. I never had a lot of cavities, nor did I ever worry about the affect of substances on my teeth. However, as a college student, I became a frequent coffee drinker I also started smoking, and later developed a taste for wine with my dinners. I have since learned that there are many foods which can discolor your teeth.

The process of teeth discoloration

I never noticed my teeth gradually changing color; I thought brushing regularly was enough to keep the teeth white. I also learned that over time, fluoride can turn the color of teeth.  As a chronic sufferer from allergies, I have frequently taken antihistamines for relief of my symptoms, only to find that the two products I used to improve my condition, actually worsened my teeth’s condition. My senior year of college, I discovered that my molars had really undergone the process of discoloration. I guess that can happen when you only focus on brushing and flossing your front teeth.

A Charlotte, NC cosmetic dentist71

My next dental visit will be to a cosmetic dentist. I have never been to a cosmetic dentist, but my understanding is that they specialize in fixing smiles so I imagine this to be the best course of action for me. Cosmetic dentists are medical practitioners who have additional and rigid training, specializing in the beautification and improvement of the teeth, gums and everything related to facial appeal as well as the aesthetic dental issue of a patient. They want your smile to look great, but first they are going to deal with aesthetics only after structural issues are resolved.

The cosmetic dentist has many options when it comes to the methods and procedures for whitening my teeth. Not everyone is a candidate for teeth whitening, but if you are, he or she can provide a whitening procedure that will match my teeth to with ½ shade of its natural color. The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry is one of the premier cosmetic dentists in the Charlotte area. I prefer restoring my teeth to their original whiteness, should hope there is no problem. At any rate, the whole process is virtually painless and should last no longer than 40-45 minutes.

Teeth whitening in Charlotte, NC

The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry in Charlotte, NC, has the latest, innovative technology, including affordable L.E.D. cosmetic teeth whitening, Advanced Professional Bleach Bright teeth whitening, and ACP Teeth Bleaching. They have performed thousands of successful teeth whitening procedures. Visit their website, or call to arrange for a free consultation for teeth whitening.

The teeth whitening experience in Charlotte, NC

I needed teeth whitening in Charlotte, NC. Growing up, all my friends chewed tobacco. So did I. No one ever gave a second thought to the damage we were doing to our mouth and gums. Those of us who are lucky only have stained teeth. I tried everything to whiten my teeth. I used gels and strips and everything you could buy at the store; nothing worked. I finally decided that I needed to go to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned professionally.

I know it sounds crazy coming from a guy who chewed tobacco for nearly 45 years, but I had concerns about whether the teeth whitening procedure was safe or painful. I learned that there are many different procedures to whiten my teeth. For those who are good candidates for teeth cleaning, the cosmetic dentist can determine how white your teeth will get, and he can show you the difference between your own tooth color, and that of various shades you can choose; it’s almost like choosing paint colors for your home!

It is also important to understand that if you have dental veneers,21 crowns or bridges, that the artificial resin that comprises these tooth replacements may be tooth colored, but it will not whiten.  Therefore, you should rely on the expertise of your dentist to help you get the best teeth whitening results or you could end up with a mouth full of different colored teeth. That is probably worse than having you teeth discolored to begin with. I chose the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry as my teeth whitening specialist after viewing their website videos. It made me feel comfortable about the procedure, and I appreciated hearing the personal perspectives of their patients.

Smile management

Your cosmetic dentist is more than just someone who applies chemicals to your teeth to make them whiter; he has the experience and training to help you develop the right strategy for obtaining the best teeth whitening results available. Your entire mouth is taken into consideration, as well as your budget and your lifestyle.

Teeth whitening is not only reserved for celebrities or the wealthy. Even a guy in Charlotte NC who likes his chewing tobacco can say, whiten my teeth, and have it done. There are many great cosmetic dentists in the Charlotte, NC area, yet one dental center is the leader in innovation and development of teeth whitening techniques. The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry is certified in many procedures, from sedation dentistry to teeth cleaning. They have performed more than six thousand tooth cleaning procedures and use advanced technology to produce and create tooth replacements and veneers right there in the office. Visit their website or call their office for a free consultation. Teeth whitening has never been easier!

Discovering affordable teeth whitening in Charlotte, NC

Teeth whitening has risen in popularity among Americans. We spend 1.4 billion dollars a year on over the counter teeth whitening products. There is no guarantee, and no way to rate the effectiveness of all these products. Still, the fact remains that Americans are concerned about whitening their teeth for various reasons. The main reason that people buy these teeth whitening products is that appearance is important. However, many of these over the counter products are ineffective with little or no guarantee of working.

The best way to get your teeth whitened is to call the professionals at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry in Charlotte. When you tell your cosmetic dentist, whiten my teeth, he can make sure that you are a good candidate and that you are not just throwing your money away. Not everyone is a candidate for good or great results. In some cases, teeth just will not get any whiter. Additionally, people are under the misconception that whitening your teeth at the dentist is not affordable.

Affordable teeth whitening by your cosmetic dentist at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry provides many different options for whitening your teeth. The cosmetic dentist also can guide you as to the best way to maintain the results, thus making it even more affordable over the long run. You may get results with professional or over the counter teeth whitening products; however, it is important to consider how you will keep that color over long periods.

Causes for discoloration of the teeth

There are several reasons that cause the discoloration of tooth enamel. The widespread causes of teeth discoloration include drinking wine, coffee, tea or even carbonated drinks. Certainly, smoking of cigarettes, cigars and pipes will discolor the enamel over time. Other factors have an effect on the color of an individual’s teeth, such as genetics. Disease can also discolor teeth, as well as vitamin deficiencies. If you suspect a secondary medical cause for your teeth discoloration, be sure to discuss this with your cosmetic dentist at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry.

Finding the right dentist in Charlotte

Nothing can replace years of experience, so when choosing a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening service, ask how many procedures they have performed. Not all of your teeth are the same natural color. For a number of reasons, some teeth can be darker than others can. Ask your Charlotte, NC dentist what he thinks will be your optimum whiteness, and what is the best and most natural shade for your teeth. The general health of your teeth, and the specific procedure implemented, will affect the outcome. These are questions easily answered by a skilled cosmetic dentist.

Teeth whitening in the Charlotte area

Teeth whitening is one of the most effective ways for people to improve their appearance. Whiter teeth are associated with good looks and a healthier and youthful outlook on life. When people have a whiter smile, they tend to be less self-conscious, and even more confident. If you want the best smile you can get, you should visit a cosmetic dentist. A premier cosmetic dentist in the Charlotte area is Ballantyne Center for Dentistry. They have performed over 6,000 teeth whitening procedures. Give them a call, or visit their website for specific information regarding teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening not painful or expensive in Charlotte, NC

Teeth whitening can make a huge difference in how you see and feel about yourself. Knowing that your smile is bright, white, and beautiful can give your confidence a boost like nothing else. Many people suffer from a poor self-image, and even something as simple as teeth whitening can help improve self-image and offer confidence for a special appearance or even a job interview. You may be wondering why anyone would resist the process of getting his or her teeth whitened. Many people struggle with over-the-counter whitening solutions because they fear the dentist, or worry about the expense of professional teeth whitening. Residents of the Charlotte, NC area, however, know that there are cosmetic dentists at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry to provide professional and affordable teeth whitening.

Some of the options available for teeth whitening in the Charlotte area include:

  • L.E.D. Cosmetic teeth whitening: This is a popular and pain free method that can increase the whiteness of your teeth by several degrees. This teeth whitening process is a good choice for someone who only needs a touch up or who is having their teeth whitened for the first time. The L.E.D. process takes less than half an hour and is perfect for removing minor discoloration.
  • Advanced Professional Teeth Whitening: This method of teeth whitening is generally useful for people with more serious staining or one or more teeth that appear yellow. If you are looking for a truly dramatic teeth whitening, this is the best option. The procedure takes only 45 minutes and very few people experience any sensitivity after the process. This is a popular choice with people in the Charlotte, NC area, and many return to have this procedure repeated as needed.

Our lifestyles can make maintaining a beautiful white smile extremely difficult. The food we eat and drink can stain or damage our teeth. Smoking and other habits can cause unsightly staining as well. If you have ever had your teeth cleaned, you know that it improves both the look and feel of your teeth. Teeth whitening is a step above that and focuses on removing stains and discolorations that simple cleaning cannot deal with. Some people prefer to start with the L.E.D. system so that they have more gradual whitening, other prefer the dramatic change provided by the bleaching procedures. There is no one way that is best for everyone.

Talk to your local Charlotte cosmetic dentists at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry for more information about affordable, easy teeth whitening.