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The pain free way to overcome being afraid of the dentist

Overcoming fears to function

Are you afraid of the dentist? There is no need to be bashful about being afraid of the dentist. Fear is a very natural and necessary emotion. Fear can keep us out of dangerous situations. Some fear is quite naturally based on previous experiences, some fear is based upon intrinsic knowledge of a subject, and some fears are hard to explain. Sometimes fear can affect our lifestyle. For example, a famous professional football coach held a fear of flying, so he would travel separate from the team and take a train or motor coach across country each week. Peace activist Mahatma Gandhi refused to sleep with the lights off because of his fear of the dark. Believe it or not, Sir Lawrence Olivier suffered from severe stage fright. Having scientific understanding does not make one immune to fear because Sigmund Freud was fearful of riding on trains.

All of the examples above show us that we must not let our fears affect our lives in a negative way. Every one of these people found a way to achieve and excel in spite of their fears. They may have had to work harder, but they still succeeded. Fear of going to the dentist keeps millions of people from getting the basic care that they need to enjoy optimal dental health. Fortunately, there is sedation dentistry to help people who are afraid of the dentist, or at least make their dental appointments and receive the care that they need while being relaxed and free of pain. Fear of the dentist happens on many different levels. There are some people who are absolutely terrified, and there are some who are just a little anxious. The important thing to know is that the sedation dentist is committed to making every patient experience relaxed and pain free.

How sedation dentistry works53

Sedation dentistry is not about going to sleep. Sedation dentistry is the combination of helping you to become relaxed enough to overcome your anxiety and to provide you with a pain free dental experience. For obvious safety reasons, you will need a companion who can bring you to your appointment and take you home. This is because sedation dentistry involves taking an oral sedative or small pill before arriving at your dental appointment. The oral sedation will put you in a dream-like state in which you will be unable to feel anxiety or pain. Chances are very good that you will emerge from your visit with little or no memory of your actual treatment.

Sedation dentistry in Charlotte

If you are considering sedation dentistry to help with your anxiety and fear regarding dental care, consider The Ballantyne center for dentistry in Charlotte, NC. Both dentists, Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda, are certified in oral sedation by DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation). Their years of experience mean that you will remain calm and comfortable through an entire dental visit. You will arrive at their spa-like practice, and about an hour later you are in a state of complete relaxation. They complete the procedure; you wake up and go home to rest. You will barely feel anything during the procedure. Call the office today and schedule a free consultation to discuss why you are afraid of the dentist, and to learn how they can help you.

Safe help for those afraid of the dentist

Anxiety and fear of dental procedures

If you are afraid of the dentist or dental visits, the reasons why are secondary. The most disheartening fact is that people who have a fear of dental visits or procedures consistently fail to get routine checkups and necessary care. Studies show that as many as 20% of Americans avoid going to the dentist because of anxiety or fear. Some patients are more than anxious; some actually suffer from dental phobia which is a more serious condition than anxiety. The fear can leave patients panic-stricken, or even terrified. Some of these patients will not go to see the dentist even if they are suffering from severe toothache.

Some patients are so fearful that they will do everything possible to avoid a trip to the dentist. It is easy to recognize dental phobia, but some people show subtle signs of being afraid of the dentist such as having trouble falling asleep the night before a dental appointment. You may have feelings of nervousness that escalate while you are in the waiting room. Perhaps you are uneasy at the thought of objects being placed in your mouth during the dental procedure. Fortunately, sedation dentistry provides an answer for patients with fear or anxiety.

Sedation dentistry and its advantages39

Sedation dentistry is the safest and most relaxing way for anxious or fearful patients to receive dental care. After a thorough evaluation, you will be ready for your appointment. One of the sedation choices is that you will be given a few small pills to take and about an hour later you will be in a state of complete relaxation. Sedation dentistry does not intend to put you to sleep, but you will get so relaxed that you may doze into a sleep like state. Your gentle dentist will complete the procedure. After you wake up, you can go home to rest. You will be asked to have someone drive you to the appointment and to drive you home. Chances are that you will barely remember the procedure.

Sedation dentistry has a number of advantages. Most importantly, it helps patients get dental care who probably would not receive care in any other circumstance. Receiving the dental care you need should not involve fear, anxiety, or stress; sedation dentistry helps even the most fearful patients get the smile that they deserve. Sedation dentistry is also an excellent way to get all your necessary dental work completed in just one visit.

Sedation dentistry in south Charlotte

If you reside in Charlotte, NC, you are fortunate to have two of the premier sedation dentist in all of the Carolinas. Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda of The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry are certified in oral sedation by DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation). They have helped thousands of people improve their smiles and their dental health by using the advanced techniques of sedation dentistry. They are committed to every patient experiencing a calm and comfortable dental visit.

When you enter their office, you will mistakenly believe you have walked into a day spa because they are intent on your relaxation from the moment you walk in the door. Call the office today to schedule a free consultation and learn how sedation dentistry helps millions of patients who are afraid of the dentist.

No need to be afraid of the dentist with sedation dentistry

Learn how sedation dentistry can help you relax at your Charlotte dentist office

Are you afraid of the dentist? If you are, you are not alone and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Depending on the report you will read, somewhere between 75 to 80% of adults carry some type of fear of the dentist. Fear is not quantifiable, nor is there only one particular kind of fear. Some fear is simply based upon facing the unknown. The other type of fear is grounded in our own negative experiences. The bottom line is that regardless of the fear, it is real, and you need to find a dentist that believes patients should never have to deal with pain.

Fear of the unknown is understandable. If you have never experienced a dental visit, you are a target for everyone who will share their own negative experiences, not to mention your own imagination. On the other hand, there are many things that patients legitimately fear about dental visits. The lists of fears are about the tools of the trade and various items such as needles, drills, the sounds, smells, and pain. One can be fearful of innocuous parts of dentistry such as a lecture from the dentist. It really does not matter about the reasons for your fears; the message here is to know that dentistry is taking steps to directly address your fears through sedation dentistry.

Visiting a pain free dentist who uses sedation dentistry32

When you first arrive at a pain free dental office, you should notice right away that it is set up to provide an ambiance and an environment that relaxes patients. Some of the premier sedation dental practices will remind you of a trip to the spa. After arriving, you will be given a couple of choices in sedation, based on recommendations from your sedation dentist. When the dentist assesses that you are in a state of relaxation, only then will they begin the procedure. You may become so relaxed that you drift off to sleep. When you awaken and go home, you may not even remember the procedure at all.

Pain free dentistry in Charlotte, NC

If you reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, you are fortunate to have two of the premier sedation dentists right in your back yard. Both Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joseph Hufanda are certified in oral sedation by DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation). They and the trained staff at The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry are committed to making every patient experience, relaxed and pain free care. They have helped countless patients remain calm and comfortable from the time they walk in the door until you are back at home again. Once you have experienced sedation dentistry, you will discover the keys to good oral health, and a winning smile. Call Ballantyne Center for Dentistry today and see why you no longer need to be afraid of the dentist.

Don’t be afraid to go to the dentist in Charlotte, NC

In most cases people are afraid to go to the dentist because they fear the pain that is associated with dental procedures. In the past this was sometimes true. Most dental procedures produced at least some pain. Historically, you had only two choices: laughing gas (which didn’t really numb the pain it just fooled you into thinking you were not feeling it) or Novocain shots to numb the gums. Sedation dentistry is now available in Charlotte, NC as well as in other areas of the country, and it can help you be less afraid to go the dentist.

Afraid to go to the dentist? Try sedation dentistry!19

If you have had a painful experience in the past that has made you afraid to go to the dentist, then sedation dentistry may be the solution you have been looking for. Sedation dentistry offers a pain free dentist visit. You may be wondering exactly what sedation dentistry is. With sedation dentistry you will be given a small pill to swallow before your appointment. This means that you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment; however, it also means that you will feel no pain, anxiety, or stress about the dental procedure that you need to have done.

Do not let unpleasant experiences from your past make you afraid to go to the dentist. Pain free dentist visits are now available to Charlotte, NC residents at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry. Sedation dentistry may not be the perfect answer for everyone; however, if you fear the sight of needles, need many procedures done, or suffer from acute or chronic jaw soreness it may be the best possible solution for you. The pill you are given will not knock you out. It will completely relax you, and patients often say that they remember very little of the procedures performed.

Sedation dentistry means no more repeat visits for lengthy or multiple procedures

Just think how nice it would be to actually look forward to a dentist visit instead of being afraid to go to the dentist. The pain free dentist visits that are made possible with sedation dentistry give you the option of having many procedures done at one time. This means that you do not have to return week after week in order to have a procedure completed. You not only cut down on the number of visits needed, you can walk in with problems and walk out with a beautiful, white smile that you can be proud of.

Afraid to go to the dentist? In Charlotte, NC, residents can contact their local cosmetic dentist at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry for more information about sedation dentistry. Never again will you be afraid to go to the dentist office! You may even find that you are looking forward to the relaxing visits, and can answer no way when asked, afraid to go to the dentist?

Afraid of the dentist? Sedation dentistry is the answer in Charlotte NC

Afraid of the dentist? Ever tried to take a six-year-old child into a haunted house during Halloween?  Do you have a BCD - IM17similar look on your face every time you think about picking up the phone to call your dentist?  Well, that is probably why your dentist always tries to schedule your next appointment before you leave the office.  But what can be done for people who are afraid of the dentist?  How can a gentle dentist ease the fear of his patients?


Sedation Dentistry with Dr. Joe Hufanda and Dr. Christian Yaste

At the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry in Charlotte NC, Dr. Joe Hufanda and Dr. Christian Yaste are two gentle dentists who have mastered the art of twilight dentistry to ease the fears and pains of their cosmetic dentistry patients.  More and more, Dr. Joe Hufanda and Dr. Christian Yaste are seeing patients who have a debilitating fear of the dentist – these patients often come into their offices and ask:  Can you help patients who are afraid of the dentist?  In some cases, a patient may be so afraid of going to the dentist that they have not been in many years, but the problems in their mouth eventually became so awful and so painful that they no longer had any choice.

Will a sleep dentist really put me to sleep?

Often, a twilight dentistry specialist is referred to as a sleep dentist.  But sleep dentist is not the most accurate term to use.  With modern sedation dentistry, a patient is not actually put to sleep, though they sometimes get so relaxed that they do fall into a slumber.  Rather, the patient will receive a few small sedative pills upon arrival at the offices of their gentle dentist.  In some cases, when patients have a particularly strong phobia of going to the dentist, a pain free dentist like the doctors at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry might give a patient some pills to take before he or she even leaves the house.  Of course, in such cases, it would be necessary to have a friend drive you to the dentist, but the beauty of this tactic is that it completely makes your fear disappear before you even leave your home.  That way you will not be too terrified to go to your appointment and you can receive all the important dental care that you require – without any kind of fear or pain.

Get the benefits of sedation dentistry in Charlotte NC

So do you live in Charlotte NC and are you afraid of the dentist?  You can bypass all those fears by getting in touch with the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, Charlotte’s cosmetic dentists, where the gentle dentists care about being pain free dentists and fear-free dentists.  Could anything be better than going to a pain free dentist who can take away all your anxieties with a few small pills?  Call the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry today, and ask them:  How can you help someone who is afraid of the dentist?

Are you afraid of the dentist in Charlotte NC?

Afraid of the dentist? Have you ever noticed the way your cat runs away and hides as soon as you take out his cat carrier when it is time to take him to the veterinarian? You search all over the house and you cannot find him anywhere! You look in all the bedrooms and you look in the bathrooms.  You even look around outside the house, and eventually you find him hiding way in the back underneath the bed in your guest bedroom – virtually the most impossible place from which to retrieve him.

BCD - IM23

What about you?  When it is time for you to go to the dentist, do you want to do the same thing as your cat? Do you want to go and run away and hide as far as possible from the reach of your dentist? Are you afraid of the dentist?

Dr. Joe Hufanda and Dr. Christian Yaste are very gentle dentists

At Ballantyne Center for Dentistry in Charlotte NC, Dr. Joe Hufanda and Dr. Christian Yaste understand your fears completely, and they know you want a gentle dentist. They know you want a pain free dentist. They accept that pretty much everyone is afraid of the dentist to some degree. That is why pain free dentists utilize the most advanced techniques in twilight dentistry sedation dentistry that exist today. In fact, the techniques they utilize are so advanced that they can get rid of all your pain, fear, nervousness and reservations associated with going to the dentist. There is no need for Charlotte NC dental patients to ever be afraid of the dentist again.

Do dental fears run in the family?

Even Dr. Christian Yaste’s father understands you want a pain free dentist, a gentle dentist, and a comfortable office and surroundings in which to receive your dental work. His father, who is an architect with a long-standing fear of the dentist stemming from his childhood, did not want the dental offices of his son to look anything like a dental practice. For that reason, he designed and customized the interior of Ballantyne Center for Dentistry to appear exactly the opposite from what you would expect. In fact, he modeled it to appear like a high-end spa. Now, how can you be afraid of the dentist in such relaxing surroundings?

While the spa-like interior of Ballantine Center for Dentistry is extraordinarily beneficial to patients and the expert staff who work in the office, it does pose some problems of recognition. First-time patients at the gentle dentist practice of Ballantyne Center for Dentistry often will turn right around thinking that they have arrived at a spa and not the dentist. Fortunately, the office staff has become accustomed to this, and they will call after you to make sure you know you are in the right place. Of course, if you are reading this, then you will know exactly what to expect – a high-end, luxurious and stress-free environment, and a pain free dentist who is absolutely devoted to you and your twilight dentistry needs.

Experience what a sleep dentist can do in Charlotte NC

If you or your loved ones happen to live in the vicinity of Charlotte NC, then you do not have to worry if you are typically afraid of the dentist. You can go to Ballantyne Center for Dentistry and get the best dental care available under the care of a twilight dentistry and sedation dentistry expert. So, if you are afraid of the dentist, get in touch with Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, Charlotte’s cosmetic dentists, today.

Sedation dentists: Making dentistry a joy in Charlotte NC

Sedation dentistry is a relatively new term that pain-free dentists and gentle dentists are using to promote the service, which virtually eliminates common stresses that people experience when they go to the dentist. Often referred to as sleep dentistry or twilight dentistry, sedation dentistry is usually no more complicated than taking a pill.

BCD - n7

Cosmetic and family dentists utilize sedation dentistry techniques more and more to help their patients experience a deep level of calm while undergoing all manner of dentistry procedures. Ballantyne Center for Dentistry in Charlotte NC uses oral sedation dentistry, which involves taking a sedative pill.

Oral sedation dentistry

One of the many benefits of oral sedation dentistry is that it is safer than full sedation. Unlike full sedation, twilight sedation dentistry does not require any kind of breathing apparatus, and you actually remain conscious. Sleep dentists thereby avoid many of the common dangers associated with full anesthesia, while their patients enjoy the benefit of having their dental procedures performed without stress or pain.

At Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, they practice compassionate dental care. That means that they do everything within their power to make your experience as gentle as possible. Indeed, even without sedation dentistry, Ballantyne Center for Dentistry is a gentle dentistry practice.

Many patients can benefit from sedation dentistry techniques that make their fear disappear, sometimes to the point that their experience in the dentist chair is actually enjoyable. Indeed, if you think about it, the benefits of going to the dentist really are enjoyable, especially considering how clean your teeth are when you leave. Also, when you smile after going to a cosmetic dentist, your teeth might sparkle and shine from the cosmetic procedures just performed. Therefore, with sedation dentistry in Charlotte NC, patients can stop being afraid of the dentist and, rather, focus on all the benefits and positives that will come from their visit.

The term sleep dentist is not entirely accurate

Finally, it is worth mentioning that although you have probably heard the term sleep dentist, the intention of sedation dentistry is not to actually to cause patients to fall sleep. For that reason, conscious sedation dentistry is a much better term to describe the process that Ballantyne Center for Dentistry uses to make their patients feel extremely comfortable at their offices. However, it should also be mentioned that it is not uncommon for patients to become so relaxed that they do in fact fall asleep. Indeed, many patients remember very little from their dental procedures due to the amnesia-like side effects of sedation dentistry.

Try sedation dentistry in Charlotte NC

Residents of Charlotte NC can learn more about Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, Charlotte’s sedation dentists, by getting in touch with their offices today. You, too, can also learn about sedation dentistry now by talking to your trusted Ballantyne dentists.

Sedation dentists at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry make dental work a dream!

Sedation dentists are the answer for Charlotte patients who are nervous about dental work or require lengthy procedures. Admit it; most of us have our worries when heading to the dentist. Some may even be afraid of the dentist or of the dental procedures. Gentle dentists know that a visit to their offices could leave a patient anxious and nervous, especially if the patient has had a bad dental experience in the past.


Sedation dentistry as used by Dr. Joe Hufanda and Dr. Christian Yaste of Ballantyne Center for Dentistry means that a patient can take an oral sedative or small pill and remain in a dream-like state throughout the visit, then wake up calm and comfortable with little or no memory of the actual procedure. Lengthy work is no longer broken up into several visits with a sedation dentist. Twilight dentistry makes it possible to combine several visits into one and patients wake up with a beautiful smile. Sedation dentists in Charlotte NC make it possible to actually enjoy a visit to the dentist!

Sedation dentists offer solution to common dental fears and anxieties

Sedation dentists at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry want patients to feel calm and comfortable about receiving care, but realize that many people are anxious of dental work. Have you been avoiding proper dental care or do not have the smile you want because of anxiety and fear about the dentist?

Do you have sensitive teeth or have trouble getting numb? Does the sight of a needle make you feel faint? Gentle dentists experienced with sedation dentistry can help ease the stress of a dental visit with one small pill an hour before the procedure. Charlotte sedation dentists, certified in oral sedation, can relieve the stress and pain associated with dental work and can make your trip seem like nothing more than a dream.

Sedation dentists are an ideal option for cosmetic dentistry

Sedation dentists who offer cosmetic dentistry are a wonderful choice for patients who desire or need reconstructive dentistry or restorative dentistry. Twilight dentistry with procedures for dental veneers, dental implants and dental crowns makes it possible to wake up with a beautiful smile, minus the stress of lengthy or repeated visits. Sedation dentistry in Charlotte NC allows a sleep dentist to work on your teeth at length while you doze in a dream-like state, free of pain and anxiety.

Sedation dentistry with NuCalm

Ballantyne Center for Dentistry also offers NuCalm as a sedation option. NuCalm transforms your brain waves so your body falls into a sleep state. There are no narcotics used, and patients usually finish their dental procedure feeling more relaxed and refreshed than when they began the procedure. Your body becomes completely relaxed, but the mind stays alert and conscious. There is no additional charge for this procedure and it only takes a few minutes to administer. Most of our patients LOVE it!

Sedation dentists are certified in conscious sedation techniques that offer patients a calm and comfortable dental visit. Gentle dentists understand patient fear and anxiety, and offer twilight dentistry to alleviate stress and pain sometimes associated with a visit to the dentist. If you want sedation dentistry with pain free dentists in Charlotte NC you should seek out Ballantyne Center for Dentistry for your next dental visit!

Charlotte area sedation dentists take away your anxiety about dental visits

Have you avoided going to the dentist because you cannot stand the thought of the drills, the pain, and the embarrassment of having someone working inside your mouth? Does the experience of going to the dentist cause you to feel a lot of stress and dread?


BCD - n19


With modern sedation dentistry, there is no longer any need for you to worry about going to the dentist. Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda, Charlotte’s trusted cosmetic dentists, offer the most advanced techniques in cosmetic dentistry while using oral sedation dentistry to make your dental visit as relaxing and stress free as possible. In fact, most patients say that their visits to Ballantyne dental offices are more like a visit to the spa than going to the dentist. Indeed, Dr. Yaste and Dr. Hufanda are two gentle dentists who are using twilight dentistry to raise the bar when it comes to being pain-free dentists. Not only are they committed to providing the most up-to-date advancements in cosmetic dentistry but they are also committed to making your visit to the dentist as stress free and spa-like as possible.

How does sedation dentistry work?

When it comes to sedation dentistry, you may have heard the term Sleep Dentist, but that is not entirely accurate. Typically, with oral sedation dentistry, a patient will take a sedative pill to achieve a state of deep relaxation. While many patients become so relaxed that they do fall asleep, this is not always the case. Sedation dentistry does not require any kind of breathing apparatus so it is milder and safer than anesthesia. For that reason, the conscious sedation dentistry performed by your Charlotte cosmetic dentists could more accurately be referred to as twilight dentistry rather than sleep dentistry.

One of the options for sedation is to take a pill that will bring you into a dream-like state that takes away any pain and stress that might normally be experienced. Finally, there is an amnesia-like side effect to twilight dentistry, which causes most patients to remember very little from their visit.

If you have been looking for a gentle dentist, or a pain-free dentist, then you need look no further than the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry.

Skip the pain and stress and go to a sedation dentist

Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina and its surrounding areas can experience stress-free and pain-free dentistry as well as the most up-to-date advancements in modern cosmetic dentistry by visiting the Charlotte offices of the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry. To discover how you can get your dental procedures performed the easy way with a pain-free dentist, call Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda today in Charlotte.

No pain, only gains through sedation dentistry in Charlotte

Have you been postponing your trip to the dentist….for several years? Do you suspect that there is a problem with your teeth but you just can’t face the dental chair? 54Would you go if you knew it wouldn’t hurt and you’d be totally relaxed? You can be relaxed and experience little or no pain or discomfort during dental procedures if you go to a dentist who is certified as a sedation dentist. Luckily, such dentists can be found at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry in Charlotte.

Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda of Ballantyne Center for Dentistry are certified in oral sedation for dental patients by the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS). These sedation dentists understand the fear and anxiety experienced by many dental patients. Through the careful, prescribed use of oral sedatives, the dentists can help you to relax and still be comfortable during your dental appointment.

Oral sedation means the patient receives a small pill or a few pills about an hour before the procedure. The sedative allows the patient to relax by calming the central nervous system. While the patient is aware of his or her surroundings and can respond to questions, he or she will enter a state of deep calm and relaxation. For many patients, time seems to pass quickly and many report having little, if any, memory of the procedure. In addition, the oral sedatives have an analgesic effect meaning pain is reduced or eliminated during the procedure.

Before any oral sedative is prescribed, the dentist will take a thorough medical history including asking about any current medication you are taking. There are several types of sedatives with the most common coming from the benzodiazepine class of drugs. The advantage of these sedatives is that they not addictive and have few side effects. Nonetheless, if a benzodiazepine is not right for you, there are other alternatives.   What is most important is that you receive care and monitoring from a certified DOCS dentist.

Sedation dentistry has more benefits than the obvious relaxation. When a patient is sedated, the dentist is able to perform more work. This can mean resolving dental issues in one visit instead of several. Furthermore, with each positive experience at the dentist’s office, the fear and anxiety traditionally associated with dental work wanes. By overcoming their fears, people feel more comfortable to continue with proper dental care and maintenance. Because good dental health is associated with good overall health, seeking dental care regularly can literally change your life for the better. Sedation dentistry can help build the bridge between your current fears and a future of better dental health and care.

If you have been avoiding the dentist like the plague, you can stop hiding now. Make an appointment with Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry by calling 704-540-2255.