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Who else wants to avoid the drill? Our state-of-the art Laser Dentistry means no more drills and no more drilling noise.

At Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, our dentists have invested in drill-free laser dentistry for our Charlotte patients.

In many cases this means…

  • No more needles or numbness
  • No more drilling

Instead of having to face the trauma of having a dentist (armed with a drill or long needle) say “this won’t hurt” you can be absolutely certain the dentist means what he says.

At the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, our Waterlase® MD means no more drilling and no more needles. Instead of that awful “drilling noise” you simply hear a soft clicking. The laser gently removes decayed tooth structure and unhealthy tissue. The laser uses water droplets combined with laser energy, there is no heat or vibration.


Waterlase Dental Laser Ballantyne Dentistry

“Dr. Yaste is the bomb. Ballantyne Denistry is well worth every penny. The staff is very courteous, the waiting room is definitely nice especially with the massage chair and the way they offer you snacks and drinks makes going to the dentist as comfortable as going to the spa. The wait is not long either. Keep up the good work Dr. Yaste.”

-Ballantyne Center For Dentistry Patient

Laser dentistry means that you will only feel a light flow of water over your tooth and many times this is so easy that our clients don’t even need sedation dentistry. Laser dentistry is especially well-suited to the preparation of teeth for fillings, root canals, gum surgery and more, as the laser easily removes decayed tooth structure while conserving as much of the healthy tooth as possible. Very few dentists in North Carolina and South Carolina have this level of technology.

Lasers for Diagnosis in Dentistry?

Yes, today we also use dental lasers to find out if you actually have a cavity or area where your tooth might be more prone to tooth decay.  Our diagnostic laser can often times find cavities and hypocalcifications early on which means that the area in question on your tooth can be fixed in a more conservative and cost effective manner.  Even adults can get cavities in the grooves of thier teeth.  Sometimes these cavities show up even later in life.  Early detection is important and can make things much easier.  Ask us at your next visit how the Diagnodent laser might be helpful for you.



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