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Frequently Asked Questions about Cosmetic Dentistry

An interview with Dr. Joseph Hufanda and Dr. Christian Yaste, founders and owners of the Ballantyne Center for Dentisty in Ballantyne Commons East in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Q: Why did you start the practice?

A: We became interested in cosmetic dentistry at dental school and it’s a passion for both of us. We like to help people benefit from a new smile. It’s really exciting to see a patient react when they see their new smile.

Q: Your practice seems almost more like a hotel or spa than a dental practice. Why is that?

A: We made a decision to make it as comfortable as possible for patients. We have massage chairs. We give patients a warm towel after their treatment. And a patient can listen to satellite radio or watch a DVD. It’s important that patients feel relaxed and at ease when they are here.

Q: My “regular” dentist offers some cosmetic procedures. Should I go with them or with a cosmetic dentist. After all, they’ve been my dentist for a long time.

A: Some general and family dentists are an excellent choice for some procedures. However, many are not very experienced with cosmetic procedures. If you really want the best results, it’s usually best to go to a dentist with experience and expertise in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Each case is different and so experience means a lot. We see some great work done by general dentists but we also fix work by general dentists. I would encourage people to ask their dentist to show them photos of cases of their completed cosmetic dentistry or get them in touch with other patients who have gone through a similar procedure.

Q: I like my teeth but they just need to be brighter. How can you help me?

A: We offer all the latest teeth whitening technology. Click here for details.

Q: I haven’t been to the dentist in a long time, in fact for years and I’m worried. Should I be worried?

A: No. We see a lot of patients who have not been to the dentist for a while. One of our clients had not seen a dentist for 50 years! (He was 70 and his last visit to the dentist when he was in the army). We’re not here to make a judgment about that. We don’t care how long it has been. The important thing is that you have made the decision that it is time. We’re here to help your general dental health and help you achieve the smile you want.

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Q: I’m really worried about the pain, what can I do?

A: Come see us for a free consultation. We know that a lot of people are uncomfortable when they visit their dentist so we make it as comfortable as possible. Sedation dentistry is a good choice for people who are anxious about pain.

Q: I’ve had dentures but I’ve heard about an alternative. What’s the latest?

A: It’s a total restoration and it’s a great option for people who need dentures. The technology for denture replacement has really improved over the last several years and we’ve helped a number of patients with this type of procedure. Email us here and we can offer a free initial consultation.

Q: I’ve heard that cosmetic dentistry is expensive. How do you make it affordable?

A: The cost depends on the procedure. We understand that it’s a significant investment and cost and we do everything we can to make it affordably offering competitive pricing and also providing a full range of financing options. We also do everything we can to make minimize the time it takes and that’s where our experience and our state-of-the-art equipment comes in. If you ask patients who have had the procedure if it’s worth the money, they will tell you that it’s a good investment. Click here for testimonials.

Q: Do you take dental insurance?

A: In most cases, yes. Call 704-540-2255 to speak with our business coordinator.

Q: My dental insurance provider has a list of dentists who are part of the plan and you’re not on the list. Does that mean you accept my plan?

A: In most cases, yes…absolutely yes. Call 704-540-2255 to speak with our business coordinator.

Q: What sort of result can I expect?

A: Click here for photos of actual Ballantyne Center for Dentistry patients. Our digital imaging technology means that you can get an excellent idea of what your new smile will look like before the procedure.

Q: If I have additional questions, what should I do?

A: Contact us here.

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