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Dental Implants in Charlotte NC

So what are dental implants? When you’re missing one or more teeth, you can restore your smile and your confidence with state-of-the-art dental implants from Ballantyne Center for Dentistry

Every week at The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, we help patients who have lost one tooth or numerous teeth. Some patients are even facing a lifetime of having to wear uncomfortable and unsightly dentures. Some patients have failing crowns or bridges.


In most cases, dental implants, available to our patients in Charlotte and surrounding communities, provide an excellent solution for three reasons:

  1. Implants are durable and will often last decades, providing a strong foundation for a beautiful ‘you look great’ smile.
  2. Implants provide confidence…go ahead and eat the foods you enjoy!
  3. Today’s implant technology is so advanced it provides a solid alternative to dentures.

To find out if dental implants are the best option for your needs, call 704-540-2255 now or contact us.

We have a special free report available for you with tons of information about implants and you can get it totally FREE by clicking here! The report is entitled “7 Amazing Facts about Dentures and Implants!” You absolutely must read this report before choosing a dentist to do your implants or having implants placed. Knowledge is power and you should have all of the facts before making an important decision to have dental implants placed.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Since dental implants permanently anchor artificial teeth directly to the jawbone, they can be life-changing for patients who feel burdened by dentures, bridges, or crowns that break or slip. Dental implants are used to:

  • Replace one tooth or multiple teeth
  • Permanently anchor custom-made crowns, bridges, and dentures
  • Provide replacement teeth that look and feel completely natural
  • Prevent slipping and shifting of tooth restorations for maximum comfort and utility
  • Prevent bone loss and shifting of natural teeth around the gap

Are you ready to smile, talk, and eat anything comfortably and confidently?

Implant dentistry provides confidence. Your teeth are anchored in your jaw and your teeth will feel like normal teeth.

Here’s how we restore your dental confidence and appearance.

  1. Call (704) 540-2255 or email here now to set up your free initial appointment.
  2. Without making any type of judgment about your previous dental care, we’ll fully evaluate your dental history and your needs.
  3. We’ll provide, with no obligation, at least one treatment plan.
  4. On your behalf, when instructed, we assess insurance options and also provide affordable financial options.
  5. When you decide to move forward with the implants, we’ll work around your schedule.
  6. You can choose the option of sedation dentistry so you simply walk into the practice, have the sedation, fall asleep, and wake up with the procedure having been completed.
  7. Once the implants are settled and in place, we can help you with the best cosmetic ‘next step’ which could be veneers, crowns, or a bridge. In each instance, you will have the smile of your dreams and you will have the confidence your smile will look great for many, many years.
  8. When you want natural-looking replacement teeth, implant dentistry provides a long-term rock solid foundation.


Watch this informative video on dental implants!  Dr. Yaste and Dr. Hufanda were featured guests on the hit health television show, “The Wellness Hour”.  In this video they will explain the latest advancements and technology regarding dental implants.  And, they will tell how they help hundreds of people a year who have problems with missing teeth and loose, uncomfortable dentures by using dental implants.


CLICK HERE now for the ‘before and after’ smile gallery.

Doctors who specialize in implant surgery and restorative dentistry can provide the best results. Implant dentistry requires intricate surgery and highly specialized knowledge.

Why choose Ballantyne Center for Dentistry for implant dentistry?

  1. Experience…we have a combined over 25 years of experience with successful implant procedures and have successfully helped every type of patient…from the patient who needs just one implant to the patient who wants to avoid dentures.
  2. We will do only what we can…if you need additional procedures, we’ll refer you to a fellow dental professional we know and trust.
  3. We can make the procedure as pain-free as possible using sedation dentistry; Ballantyne Center for Dentistry is one of the few cosmetic dentistry practices certified and licensed to use sedation dentistry.
  4. We use only state-of-the-art materials and procedures.
  5. We will not judge you…we are here to help you achieve the smile of your dreams; we talk about the present and the future and not the past.
  6. We have extensive experience helping ‘dental phobics’ or people who are typically afraid of going to the dentist.
  7. We perform the procedures with the end result in mind as part of a plan to help you achieve the smile of your dreams.
  8. We make it affordable so it fits into your budget…we offer a full range of financing options plus we can work with your insurance carrier.
  9. We are on a team of the most experienced and successful implant dentistry specialists in the southeastern United States. You can have the peace of mind that you will only be getting the highest quality and most advanced techniques available today.

Take a minute to meet us here. To see our high-quality the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry Smile Gallery. Implant dentistry anchors many of the beautiful smiles you see will see.

Do you have questions about implant dentistry? Get in touch with us and set up an appointment at our Charlotte, NC office.

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We make beautiful cosmetic dentistry affordable

We have helped hundreds overcome their fear of the dentist

We strongly encourage you to speak with our patients

We can do most procedures in our office

Ballantyne Center for Dentistry is the most professional, pain-free and friendly medical/dental office I've ever encountered. I recommend them without hesitation.

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