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Instant Orthodontics, A Quick Fix for Gaps between Teeth

Is the gap between your teeth bothering you? Do you want to get that gap fixed as fast as possible without having to spend too much? This is possible with Ballantyne Center for Dentistry’s new retainer system or, as we like to call it, instant orthodontics!

Not too long ago, a patient came to our clinic because of the gap between her teeth. She expressed her disappointment with the dental work she had done at another dentist office and was in search of a dental clinic that can fix her teeth at an affordable price. Celia recently had veneers, which cost her significant amount of money, placed on her two front teeth. However, her teeth eventually began to shift and a huge gap between her two front teeth was left behind. Since she wants a beautiful smile, she asked us for advice.


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After discussing her concerns and options, we agreed that the quickest and most cost effective way to fix the gap between her teeth is the clear retainer system that we use in our clinic. Within a week of creating a retainer system for Celia, her gap already closed and her smile was improved tremendously! She was very pleased with our work because she saved herself from the cost and hassle of having her veneers redone.

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Do you have the same dental problem? Visit or call Ballantyne Center for Dentistry and discuss your concerns with us! You can also have a look at our website at http://www.ballantynedentistry.com for more information about instant orthodontics.

Cosmetic Dentist Reviews Help Patients Pick the Best Dentists in Charlotte, NC

If you are considering a cosmetic dentist, be sure to check outa7 some cosmetic dentist reviews. In the past, it seemed like it was just celebrities that were investing in their pearly whites. But, these days, it has never been easier to get the smile you want. Cosmetic dentists at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry can whiten your teeth and offer other solutions for your smile issues through cosmetic dentistry.

Results depend on talent of cosmetic dentist

The truth is, cosmetic dentistry results greatly depend on the talent and the expertise of the cosmetic dentist. It is important to pick cautiously. But, how do you find a cosmetic dentist that fits your needs? Whether you want some quick teeth whitening, or a smile makeover in Charlotte NC, cosmetic dentist reviews can help narrow the choices, and help you find the most reputable Charlotte cosmetic dentist.

Find a cosmetic dentist that meets your needs

One of the most important aspects of finding a cosmetic dentist is finding one who will meet your needs. An experienced cosmetic dentist will offer consultations so you can discuss your concerns, and will also talk to you about how you feel about your smile. By letting your cosmetic dentist know the improvements you want to make, he can advise you on how to proceed. When looking at cosmetic dentist reviews, check to see if there is a mention about how the cosmetic dentist handled the first interview.

Often, people are eager to let consumers know about bad experiences, but make sure to check for the good feedback as well! Did the cosmetic dentist listen to the patient? Was the patient happy about the consultation? Did the cosmetic dentist make promises he was unable to keep? These are all important questions to answer when consulting cosmetic dentist reviews.

Cosmetic dentist reviews are references

Cosmetic dentist reviews are almost like job references. Sometimes there are before and after photos included, as well. By seeing the results cosmetic dentistry clients have achieved, it will help you have realistic expectations about what to expect with your cosmetic dentistry procedure.

When checking cosmetic dentist reviews, see if they mention the office staff. You are going to

have to interact with them, too! Was the staff friendly and welcoming? What about the technology used by the cosmetic dentist? Be sure to check on the cosmetic dentist’s use of new technology in their practice and how they will be using that technology to help give you the smile of your dreams. Often, the most reputable Charlotte cosmetic dentist reviews will mention the friendliness of the staff and the state of the art equipment used by the cosmetic dentist.

 Look for a cosmetic dentist who can provide a variety of services

While there are some cosmetic dentists that specialize in a few areas, it is best to find someone that can handle all of your cosmetic dentistry requests. The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry can help with teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental implants, and other cosmetic procedures that can help you achieve the results you desire.

Consult cosmetic dentist reviews for choosing the best dentist. If you are thinking about cosmetic dentistry in Charlotte NC, check out the cosmetic reviews at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, and you will see why they are considered the most reputable Charlotte cosmetic dentist.

Let Charlotte Dental Reviews Help You Find Good Cosmetic Dentists

Charlotte dental reviews are very helping when it comes to choosing a good cosmetic dentist. These dentist reviews will give you a good gauge on how to select the best cosmetic dentist who can perform the cosmetic dental services you need. Here are some tips to finding the best Charlotte cosmetic dentist for you.

Continuing cosmetic dentistry education

As a patient who wants nothing but very good service from an experienced cosmetic dentist, you would naturally want a cosmetic dentist who invests in continuing education. Good dentists, Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda, never stop learning and are dedicated to reconstructive surgery and restorative surgery, and learning new techniques and processes.  They further their skill and knowledge by taking advanced dental care studies and attending seminars and trainings geared towards this dental specialization.

By reading Charlotte online dentist reviews, you can learn if the cosmetic dentists are making use of the latest technology and modern reconstructive dentistry and restorative dentistry techniques. After all, they would not be able to perform such functions if they had not undergone special dental courses. Through these dentist reviews, you will know if the cosmetic dentists have in-depth scientific knowledge of their craft, and you will know the online feedback made by patients who had been under their care.

Gentle hands, good rapport, warm demeanor – gentle dentist?

If you feel anxiety and nervousness at the thought of visiting cosmetic dentists, even trustworthy dentists at that, you would naturally want them to be gentle. You would also want them to have a warm and welcoming demeanor to help ease your anxiety and nervousness, and to have a good rapport with their patients.

Good cosmetic dentists, Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda, not only perform the procedure, but they also teach the patient about good oral hygiene.  They share tips and advices on how to properly take care of your teeth and gums. Reading about their warm demeanor and how easy their rapport was with their patients will also help put you at ease.

Patients, especially satisfied patients, will leave very positive feedback about the cosmetic dentists who took care of them. The online Charlotte dentist reviews can help you learn more about cosmetic dentists and whether they will be compassionate and caring in their work and have good rapport with their patients. You can also get this feeling from looking through the website, and also regularly reviewing the dentist’s Facebook page.

The dental clinic and Charlotte dentist’s staff

As a patient, you would naturally want to know about the hygiene and cleanliness of the clinic. Charlotte dental reviews discuss how welcoming and clean Ballantyne Center for Dentistry is. This is very important because a very clean clinic with a welcoming atmosphere speaks of highly professional and trustworthy dentists, Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda, whom you would want to take care of you.

Are you still undecided whom to choose as your cosmetic dentist? Fret not. Visit the best Charlotte online dentist reviews sites on the Internet now, and let these dental reviews help you make an informed decision.

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