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Cosmetic Dental Porcelain Crowns

Another Cosmetic Dentistry Success Story From the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry

This is Tom.  Tom lives in North Carolina and is a retired Architect and found his way to our office because he was constantly having issues with his teeth.  Tom is in his sixties and has suffered from severe erosion and wear on his teeth.  As the wear and erosion got worse over time, teeth started chipping and breaking.  In Tom’s case the erosion was caused by acidic soft drinks over time, about 15 years.  Diet Coke was what he liked to drink and the acid in this beverage slowly removed the protective enamel covering of his teeth.

Tom rarely smiled with his mouth open in pictures.  He had never been completely satisfied with his smile, but when it was time to fix his teeth we wanted to make sure that his smile reflected his personality!  Erosion and wear on teeth is a functional dental problem that should always be addressed before it gets to far along as to avoid unecessary dental procedures like root canals and core build ups.

In order to restore Tom’s teeth we created a diagnostic wax up of what the teeth would look like afterwards so he could visualize the outcome and we could use this as a template to create temporary crowns for him to try out.  When he was satisfied with the new look and feel, we had the laboratory create new dental porcelain crowns out of a very strong porcelain made by Ivoclar, called “EMAX”.  Emax has all of the beautiful properties of some of the older porcelains but is 4 times stronger.

As you can see from his pictures this smile makeover was fantastic and now Tom can’t help but show his teeth every time he smiles!

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