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The 5 Levels of Dentistry

How to select the level of dental care you want

“Our purpose is to help people achieve the highest level of well-being appropriate for them and, in so doing, enhance the quality of their lives.”

-Christian Yaste DDS
-Joseph Hufanda DDS

We help your dental health. You, the patient, choose the level of care that best fits YOUR needs, requirements, and goals.

We DO NOT dictate your dental health to you.

YOU tell US exactly where you would like to be when it comes to your dental health and we take it from there.


Urgent Care. People in crisis or with an emergency problem such as pain, swelling, or bleeding that need immediate help. We see emergencies immediately 95 per cent of the time. If we are both unavailable, we will direct you to a trusted colleague in the area.


Remedial Care. People who choose this level of care desire treatment only when something breaks or becomes uncomfortable. Generally people at this level want us to focus on obvious problems. They want us to help them with immediate problems with as little effort and cost as possible.


Self Care. Patients who choose this level of care want a thorough examination and take an active part in the treatment and prevention of present and future disease problems. However, they usually choose repair solutions that are short range in nature.


Complete Dentistry. Patients at this level are similar to people in Level 3. In addition we formulate a long term MASTER PLAN for their dental health and repair. These patients want all dental treatment provided to be completed in the most lasting fashion possible.


Look Your Best! People in this group are in level 4 when it comes to their dental health but also want to look their best at all times. They know that their smile is the first things others notice about them and want to look their best at all times.

Many patients begin at one level and progress to another. However, and it’s vitally important, YOU decide your level. We educate you and answer any dental questions you have but, ultimately, we work at the level you decide.

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John Z. Ballantyne Center For Dentistry Patient  
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5 Levels of Dentistry

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