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Fixing your failed porcelain veneers in Charlotte, NC

One of the most affordable ways to get a beautiful new smile is porcelain teeth veneers

Failed porcelain veneers are a reality that some dental patients must deal with. It is hard to imagine what dentistry would be like today without this wonderful material. Porcelain veneers are much like replacing the shell on your cell phone. Nearly everyone has a cell phone these days, and some people do not want to go with a phone that looks like all the others that are mass produced. So it is possible to buy designer or decorative shells that will give your phone a whole new look. These shells come in countless colors and themes from your favorite pro or college teams to pop culture icons. Cell phones also take a beating during their use and a new shell is a great way to get a “new” phone without the great expense. This is how porcelain veneers work for our teeth.

Porcelain veneers are a thin layer, or shell of porcelain that is placed over your natural tooth. Veneers that are made from porcelain resist staining, look very natural, and with proper dental care, can last more than a decade. Proper care includes brushing and flossing according to the recommendations of your cosmetic dentist. Porcelain veneers are best suited for patients who want to improve their smile and who do not have structural issues. Each veneer is customized to match your smile. This means crafting a veneer that is perfectly aligned with, and matches the color of your natural teeth. A porcelain veneer is the perfect choice when you have chipped or cracked teeth.

Reasons for porcelain veneer failure43

One of the most common problems in failed porcelain veneers is improper bonding. Dental veneers will fail if they have not been properly bonded to the teeth. There are very specific guidelines to be followed to make veneers tenaciously bond to teeth. If dental veneers are not bonded correctly they can eventually chip or break. Dental veneers can also fail because of less-than-ideal construction. Dental veneers that have not been polished to a lustrous and natural-looking sheen will end up being dull or lacking that pearly shine of a healthy tooth. If they are made correctly, porcelain veneers are lustrous, smile enhancing, and long-lasting.

Perfect porcelain veneers in south Charlotte

If you are facing the possibility of porcelain veneer remakes, the most advanced methods available is to use a computer to simulate the look of your smile before your veneers are ever constructed. This way you can preview and choose the way your dental veneers will look. If you live in Charlotte, NC or the surrounding areas, The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry uses CEREC®, a computer-guided system that crafts your veneers right in their Ballantyne office; eliminating the possibility of human error.

Countless patients at The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry have received high quality and long lasting porcelain dental veneers for a beautiful smile. Their cosmetic dentists have over 25 years of combined experience helping patients achieve the perfect smile through porcelain dental veneers. Call their office today and schedule a free consultation to determine if you need failed porcelain veneer remakes.

The advantages of seeing a Charlotte cosmetic dentist

The fine art of cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is an art, and the truth is that very few dentists can provide the best cosmetic results. The difference is in the artistry and the experience. A good example would be the difference between a marching band and an orchestra. The average marching band may hold as many as twelve trumpet players. They may all be very skilled at playing while marching and the nature of their performance does not require them to be precise nor exact in their performance. On the other hand, a symphony orchestra may seat 2-3 trumpet players, who must all play complex parts in perfect acoustics where every mistake would be noticed. Suffice it to say that the skill and experience of the orchestra musician must consistently be higher than that of a musician in the marching band.

Cosmetic dentistry should be thought of as a sub-specialty in the dental profession. There are general dentists who say that they offer cosmetic dentistry. General dentistry covers the general hygiene, annual checkups, and taking care of fillings. Like a good trumpet player in the band, general dentists are very good at what they do and they may even be able to perform acceptable cosmetic dentistry. However, like the symphonic orchestra, cosmetic dentistry requires a level of expertise and artistry that it takes years to achieve. Becoming a cosmetic dentist takes years of extensive training and learning. If you want the best smile you can possibly get, visit a cosmetic dentist.

Improving form and function33

Cosmetic dentistry is much, much more than helping people get a better smile. For most patients, helping them get this smile requires extensive knowledge, experience, and years of training. A cosmetic dentist offers a wide variety of procedures for the purpose of improving your smile. However, cosmetic dentistry is also about making your teeth more functional, such as improving the bite of worn down teeth. Whitening your teeth is a purely cosmetic procedure that is designed to brighten your smile by removing stains and coloration that occurs over time.

Cosmetic dental fillings, composite and porcelain veneers, dental crowns, discreet adult braces, dentures, and dental implants all fall into the area of function and aesthetics because every procedure improves your look and corrects a problem with your oral health. However, the performance of these procedures requires a great degree of experience and fine artistic skill, and this is what separates cosmetic dentistry from general dentistry.

Changing smiles in south Charlotte

If you are embarrassed about your smile or you are simply looking to improve its appearance, then consider seeing a cosmetic dentist at the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry in Charlotte, NC. Cosmetic dentistry can work wonders when it comes to your smile. Even simple procedures like tooth whitening can have a profound impact. Beautifying your smile is one of the most effective ways to improve your appearance. Call the Center for Dentistry today and discover all the benefits of seeing a cosmetic dentist.

Second chance smile with porcelain veneer remakes

Porcelain veneer remakes

If you discovered that you need porcelain veneer remakes, you are most likely a little disappointed at the prospect. It would be nice if every single thing we purchased came with an expiration date or a shelf life. It would be great if we knew exactly how long everything lasts. However, some goods and services depend on so many environmental conditions that the same process can yield different results. For example, if you visit the same hair dresser for the same hairstyle, you can be sure that the length of time between treatments will be different in the summer time as opposed to the winter time. This is why auto makers give different rates of gas consumption for city and highway driving.

Many factors must be considered when it comes to the maintenance of porcelain veneers. Every patient has a different bite, eating habits, hygiene standards, and personal habits such as bruxism (grinding teeth). Consequently, there is no magic number of years that you can be assured that your veneers will last. Under the best conditions porcelain veneers could last around 10-15 years.

Other considerations for failed veneers44

Dental veneers can fail if they are not properly bonded to the teeth. When dental porcelain veneers are not bonded correctly, there is a good chance that they could crack, chip, or break. If there is an obvious margin between the veneer and your gums to the extent that the underlying tooth is visible; this is usually a sign that the veneer was improperly bonded. Dental veneers can also be affected by less-than-ideal construction. They can be too thick, which will make them appear like overly large teeth. Sometimes dental veneers may not be polished properly and they appear dull or monochromatic. If the veneers are not properly made they can become discolored. When issues arise from inferior construction, they do create a frustrating situation for the patient. When expertly crafted, veneers are lustrous, stain-resistant, and long-lasting.

Quality porcelain remakes

If you feel it is time to have your porcelain veneers remade or evaluated, consider the cosmetic dentists at The Ballantyne Center for dentistry. Their goal is to help patients who experience issues and even pain that is related to failing cosmetic dentistry, and to help you achieve a beautiful smile. They are experts in ensuring that dental veneers are properly constructed while giving you the best possible smile. They use the most advanced and painless technology, including computer simulated styling. This allows you to preview and choose the way your dental veneers will look. Their dentists are certified for CEREC® which is a computer-guided system that crafts the veneers right in their Ballantyne office. Call them today for a free consultation and evaluation of your existing dental work and you can find out if you need porcelain veneer remakes.

See your cosmetic dentists for a younger smile

Look as young as you can for as long as you can with the help of your Charlotte cosmetic dentist

Cosmetic dentists can make you look years younger without ever touching a grey hair or wrinkles. Whether we admit it or not, most of us want to look as young and as possible for as long as possible. This has nothing to do with denying the reality of getting older; the fact is that some of us have worked long, hard lives, and the wear and tear can cause us to age beyond our years. We will diet and exercise to manage our weight, dye our graying hair, and use a host of products to correct the signs of aging skin. The beauty of cosmetic dentistry is that it not only gives us a younger smile, it helps our teeth function as they did when we were younger. In this regard, cosmetic dentistry is just as beneficial as diet and exercise.

The aging process for teeth

Over the years, our teeth take a lot of punishment, and for some people, it may show up early in the same way that some people suffer from premature baldness. Everyone experiences discoloration of the teeth as a result of aging. Our teeth darken naturally, just like hair turns grey over time; but teeth also become discolored from use of tobacco or certain foods. Ironically, the use of certain types of toothpaste and fluoride is also a major factor in tooth discoloration.

The action of biting and chewing requires tremendous force, and over the years, this will cause the teeth to wear down, chip, even crack or break. The wear and tear on our teeth is rarely even, so eventually the jaw becomes misaligned and we can suffer from head ache, ear ache, or neck and shoulder pain. One of the most displeasing effects of our teeth wearing down is how our jaws and lips misshapen to make us look older, especially when we lose teeth.

Cosmetic dentists have the answer34

Whatever is causing your teeth to age, and whatever their condition, your cosmetic dentist has an answer. Discolored teeth can be whitened or covered with dental veneers. Cracked or broken teeth can be veneered or have a crown placed. Missing teeth can be replaced with dentures or partial dentures and bridges. If your teeth have developed gaps over the years, your cosmetic dentist can fix that in one visit, or can straighten your smile with discreet adult braces. If you want to permanently replace your teeth, your cosmetic dentist can replace missing teeth with dental implants. Whatever it takes to make your teeth and your smile look younger, your cosmetic dentist has a plan.

Cosmetic dentistry in south Charlotte

If you are concerned about the way that your teeth and smile is aging, and you reside in Charlotte, NC; you can have your youthful smile restored at The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry. The practitioners are accredited cosmetic dentists. The dentists and the staff are committed to restoring your smile as well as providing dental care that is relaxed and pain free. They have helped thousands of patients restore their youthful smile. Call them today and schedule a free consultation. Let them show you how a cosmetic dentist can restore your young and healthy smile.

Dental crowns help create a royal smile

Porcelain is the key for dental crowns

Dental crowns have a significant place in the role of helping patients restore their smile. Crowns have always been necessary as an attractive and durable solution to fix teeth that have been worn down, injured by trauma, or marred by decay. Porcelain is the material of choice because of its strength, and its uncanny resemblance to the natural tooth. Dental crowns have had a drawback and the problem was not with porcelain, it was with metal. The crowns are made of porcelain, but they are lined with metal and this metal often created dark lines along the gum line. If it were not for this dark line, it would be virtually impossible to distinguish a crown from natural teeth.

However, cosmetic dentists who practice on the cutting edge of technology have been certified for a procedure that creates beautiful porcelain crowns. These crowns restore damaged teeth and are natural-looking, they can be made right in the dental office in as little as one appointment. This means that the patient does not have to wait for days to have their crowns crafted in an outside lab and saves another trip to the dentist.

Porcelain smile makeovers

Porcelain crowns without metal have great aesthetic potential. The new technology allows your restorations to provide all the necessary strength, without unsightly metal detracting from the beauty of your smile. Once you understand the versatility and the strength of these porcelain crowns, you will find them so attractive that you will be enthusiastic about replacing all you old crowns, especially the old noticeable metal crowns. The end result will be a dramatic smile makeover, with a mouth full of natural looking teeth.

CEREC® technology

Thanks to CEREC® technology, your cosmetic dentists can custom craft and place all-ceramic restorations in one visit. In the past, porcelain crowns, porcelain dental veneers, and even fillings required at least two visits. The first visit was to take impressions and place temporary caps where the permanent restoration would be placed. This also meant that if you damaged or lost the temporary cap before your crowns were created, you could add an extra dental visit. Then naturally, the next visit was for the permanent bonding of your crowns.

CEREC® is a computer-guided system that creates crowns and other restorations right in your dental office. This does not mean that they are lower quality. Quite the contrary, these restorations are made of the highest quality materials. Not only do they look great, they also play a role in strengthening your teeth. The end result is a beautiful, durable tooth restoration that will last for years to come. With CEREC® technology you can get the smile of your dreams in one visit.

CEREC® technology in the Carolinas

The Ballantyne Center for dentistry is one of the few cosmetic dentistry practices in North Carolina and South Carolina to offer CEREC® technology to craft porcelain crowns and porcelain dental veneers.

At the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, they have helped thousands of patients in Charlotte, NC with a complete smile restoration. They have been doing it affordably, quickly, and comfortably. The dentists are experts in cosmetic and restorative dentistry, which simply means that they help people in all situations and from all walks of life, achieve the smile they have always wanted. To learn more about porcelain crowns and the benefits of having your smile restored, contact the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry today.

Hope for everyone who is afraid of the dentist

The different levels of fear for my dentist

To say that you are afraid of the dentist can have entirely different meanings to different people. Some people may not actually fear the dentist. For any number of reasons, they may have never experienced regular dental care and their fear is based mostly on the fear of the unknown rather than fear of the dentist. There are some who are not entirely afraid of the dentist, their fear is only about certain elements of treatment, such as a drill or needles. Then there are some who may have had some truly painful experience with dentistry and they will avoid the dentist at all costs; even if they are suffering from a painful toothache.

The good news is that the dental industry has identified this as a problem and forward thinking dentists have embraced technology and procedures that make a visit to the dentist relaxed and pain free. They also provide sedation dentistry as an answer for patients who cannot even imagine a trip to the dentist. The best dentists have used kindness and gentleness to make dental treatment a tolerable, normal part of life.

The changing practices and procedures of the cosmetic dentist36

Technology and dental techniques have improved so much over the years. Many aspects of modern dentistry that once caused pain can now be completely painless. For example, the use of the dental drill always was precluded with shots of anesthetic, and the most sincere hope was that the anesthetic did not wear off before the procedure was over… yikes. Now the drill has been replaced with laser technology which is pain free and less intimidating in every way.

In addition to changing procedures, the dentist offices and environments have become more welcoming and relaxing than clinical and procedural. The advent of sedation dentistry makes it possible for more people to see the dentist who never would go if they experienced pain. Sedation dentistry not only alleviates pain, it is possible that you may not even remember the procedure. If you have not been to see a dentist for some time, you will definitely discover that things have improved since your last visit. The office atmosphere is more relaxed; in fact, the most advanced practices remind you more of a visit to a spa rather than a dental office.

Pain free dentistry in North Carolina

If you have always imagined achieving your dream smile but were too afraid of dental procedures, you should consider The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry in Charlotte, NC. Their patients receive care every day that is pain-free and comfortable. The Ballantyne dentists use the latest techniques, materials, and technology, and an important part of treatment at the Center is sedation dentistry. With sedation dentistry, you arrive at their spa-like office, your dentist will give you a few small pills, and an hour later you are in a state of complete relaxation. After the procedure is complete, you wake up and go home to rest. Dentistry really has changed. If you are afraid of the dentist, that does not change the fact that you need dental care; call their gentle dentists today for a free, consultation.

Hope for dental health through sedation dentistry

The need for sedation dentistry

Sedation dentistry helps countless people gain access to proper dental health. If you ever watched interviews of millionaire sports stars, actors, or politicians; and you noticed their crooked teeth, you probably asked yourself why they never got their teeth fixed. The problem could not be money, the most logical and common assumption is that they might be afraid to get proper dental care. Studies have shown that millions of people every year refuse to visit the dentist because of anxiety and fear. So it does not matter who you are or what your status is in life, fear of the dentist touches every segment of society.

For many people, it is impossible to consider going to the dentist as a routine visit. Some people would rather endure the pain of toothache and risk of constantly taking pain medication, over their perceived fear of any dental procedure. Over the years, the dentistry profession has worked very hard to develop techniques and procedures that are pain free, or that does not require the use of needles or other painful instruments. Dentists knew that in order to serve the patients fear and anxiety, they needed to make the procedure relaxed and pain free. The way they achieve this is through sedation dentistry.

How sedation dentistry works57

Sedation dentists strive to create a relaxed atmosphere and environment for their patients. This is usually achieved by the use of relaxing audio visual media, and creation of a warm and inviting ambiance. Sedation dentistry means that your dentist will evaluate you and one of the choices in sedation could be taking a few small pills an hour before your procedure. The intent is to get you relaxed while keeping you conscious. The pills may cause you to feel sleepy, but you are usually awake enough to answer questions for your dentist. There is the possibility that some patients will doze off. If they do, they will simply wake up and go home, usually with no memory of the procedure at all.

Sedation dentists in North Carolina

If you know that you are one of those people that will not make it through a dental procedure without sedation dentistry, then you need to experience gentle dentistry at The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry in Charlotte, NC. The dentists at the center are certified in oral sedation by DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation). This means that they practice proven techniques that will keep you calm and comfortable through your entire dental visit. It is all incredibly easy with no need for breathing apparatus or needles; just a few pills that have been proven to be effective, and you will experience relaxed and pain free dentistry. Call them today for a free consultation on sedation dentistry to help you improve your smile.

Considering dental implants for the ultimate smile

Finding the best solution for your missing teeth

If you are considering dental implants for replacement of missing teeth, you are taking into consideration the most excellent solution available. Every year there are approximately 20 million people in the U.S. who wear dentures. A significant number of these people will need new dentures or will need to have their dentures refitted. This happens because dentures do not function as your natural teeth do. Conversely, dental implants provide an excellent solution for several reasons. Most prominently, because of their durability and effectiveness. Implants are designed to last for decades without refitting or replacement, they look and act like your natural teeth, giving you a great and healthy smile. Dental implant s gives the wearers confidence to eat all the food that they enjoy and self assurance when it comes to speaking or singing. Ultimately, the advanced technology of dental implants is such a complete replacement for missing teeth that they contribute not only to our oral health, but our overall health as well.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants permanently anchor to the jawbone. This is life-changing for patients who have worn dentures, and understand the burden of dentures, bridges, or crowns that break or slip. Dental implants can replace one or multiple teeth, including bridges and dentures. There is no shifting or slipping because the implants are placed directly into the jawbone. This also means that there is generally no bone loss as is the norm with the wearing of dentures.

Dental implants from the cosmetic dentist21

You can receive dental implants from a cosmetic dentist. The first step is a complete evaluation by your dentist to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants. The procedure begins with your dentist surgically placing a tiny titanium post in your jaw bone. This will act as the root of your replacement tooth. After the implant has fused to your jaw bone, a tooth cap will be crafted and attached to the titanium post. The end result is a permanent tooth that will last for decades, if not a lifetime.

Sedation Dentistry for implants

Perhaps the procedure for dental implants sounds a little unnerving. The whole process can be performed in such a way that even the most anxious patients can get through the procedure relaxed and pain free. Your cosmetic dentist is most likely certified to administer sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry is the method your dentist will use to help you relax, and get through the procedure, sometimes without remembering the visit when the procedure is over. This is accomplished without needles or pain, just a few pills. Be sure to ask your implant dentist about sedation dentistry. He or she can explain the process completely for you.

Dental implants in North Carolina

If you live in Charlotte, NC and you are considering dental implants as an alternative to dentures, you are most fortunate to be served by The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry, which has been helping thousands improve their smiles for years. The accredited cosmetic dentists and the staff are committed to making your dental experience relaxed and pain free. Call them today to schedule a free consultation and for more information if you are considering dental implants to replace missing teeth.

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