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A fresh start after failed porcelain veneers

The history of dental veneers

If you have experienced failed porcelain veneers, there can be a number of reasons why they failed. Chances also are pretty good that it was simply time to have them replaced.  Rest assured that the dental bonding and porcelain veneers continue to improve as time goes by. Before there were dental veneers if a tooth became damaged, you had to live with it. Dental veneers were invented in 1930 by a California dentist as a means to improve the smiles of Hollywood stars. The original dental veneers were made of porcelain, but they were only made to get through a film production or special events.  The main problem was the lack of a proper bonding agent. In 1982, it all came together and dentists found the way to properly bond composites and porcelain veneers. Since that time dental veneers are a major solution for improving smiles.

Reasons veneers can fail31

For a number of reasons, dental veneers may not have been bonded properly. Over the years dentists have developed very specific guidelines which will cause dental veneers to form the best possible bond to teeth. Another factor can be the quality of the construction or the formation of the veneer. If they are not polished properly, it is possible for them to discolor.

In order for the dental veneer to bond properly, it is necessary to remove some of the tooth structure. If too little is removed, the veneers can look puffy, or oversized. If too much is removed, then the structural integrity of the veneer can be compromised and the veneers will be prone to cracking. These failures are not always due to incompetence, it can be simply that as time has passed, we have learned a lot about dental veneers and how they last as well as what works and what does not. This is why it is important to select a cosmetic dentist with valuable experience and artistic ability; one who understands the best solution for your failed or expired dental veneers. A good cosmetic dentist will not focus so much on what went wrong, he or she will simply be committed to helping you alleviate any pain and discomfort, and restore your beautiful smile. 

Porcelain veneer re-makes in South Charlotte

Whatever your reasons for failed dentistry, if you live in Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas, you are fortunate enough to have access to exceptional cosmetic dentistry.  The dentists at The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry take all the necessary steps to ensure that dental veneers are properly constructed. Using the only technology of its kind in the Carolinas, they use a computer to simulate the look of your smile even before the veneers are constructed. This allows you to preview and choose the way your dental veneers will look. The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry uses CEREC® which is the computer-generated system that crafts veneers right in their office, eliminating the possibility of human error. Call them today to schedule a consultation for your failed porcelain veneers.

See a cosmetic dentist for an all around smile

The art of cosmetic dentistry

The role of the cosmetic dentist is similar to that of the “all arounder” on a gymnastics team. If you have ever followed gymnastics, you know that there are several competitions going on at once. Each apparatus is its own competition, and then there is the “all around” completion. On every team there are a few specialists who compete in every event. These competitors are called the “all arounders.”  Every sport has its fundamentals, and gymnastics is borne out of tumbling. The basic flips, back flips, twists and rolls that are learned in tumbling, are also used on the rings, parallel and uneven parallel bars, vault, horse, balance beam and floor exercises.  Quite naturally, most gymnasts have their favorite events, or events in which they specialize; but the all arounders must put in the extra hours and training to compete on the highest levels in every event. They are talented specialists who most aptly apply the basic skills of every event and add artistry and complexity to their routines, to compete at the highest level.

Cosmetic dentistry should be thought of as an “all around” sub specialya12 in the dental profession. Everyone who graduates from dental school is a dentist- one who is well trained in general dental health care.  General dentistry dentists take care of fillings, dental hygiene and periodic check-ups. Some general dentists perform acceptable cosmetic dentistry. However, many are not experienced when it comes to the techniques and the new technologies involved in some aspects of cosmetic dentistry.  The job of the cosmetic dentist is much, much more than helping people get a better smile. Helping patients get the best smile requires extensive knowledge, artistic ability, experience, and years of training. If you are seeking top-quality results and want the best smile possible; you should visit a cosmetic dentist.

The definition of cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is all about creating a positive change to your teeth and in improving your smile. The first procedures that come to mind when people think of cosmetic dentistry is of tooth whitening or dental veneers, but a cosmetic dentist provides so much more. A skilled and experienced cosmetic dentist will positively change your appearance, improve your dental health status, or even boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Cosmetic dentistry in your area

Located in the Ballantyne area of south Charlotte, NC The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry has been helping patients improve their smile since 2001. The center looks and feels more like a spa than a dental office, and that is by design. The dentists and the staff are committed to making every visit comfortable and convenient. The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry is affordable, offering a complete menu of dental options to match your budget. The staff will also help you to maximize your dental benefits, making it even more affordable. Call them today and schedule a free consultation to learn how cosmetic dentistry can give you an all around smile.

No regret with Dental implants

Moving on from the status quo with dental implants

Every year we see a broader acceptance of dental implants as the best method of tooth replacement. If you look back through the history of mankind, we are continually looking for improvement of our technology. At the same time, the concept of change comes slowly, and change is even met with resistance; the whole process is paradoxical. But if you look back you will see that change and technology always wins out, albeit some changes happen much slower than others. For example, consider the airplane. In 1901, the first airplane was basically a kite with a motor attached, that flew for 19 seconds. By 1970, that first airplane had evolved into the 747, a giant plane that carries 587 passengers, with a range of over 7,000 miles; not to mention that there are supersonic fighters that travel at twice the speed of sound.

The other side of the coin is the slow change in tooth replacement. Dentures were first used as a means of tooth replacement as far back as 700 B.C. Nearly 3000 years later, materials are much improved, but we still are placing false teeth in the mouth, experiencing the same disadvantages that were apparent since their beginning. Dentures have always been uncomfortable to wear and they have always limited the types of food that one can eat when wearing them. They have always caused soreness and pain for the gums because there is so much force exerted on the jaws and teeth, and dentures do not function in the same way our natural teeth do.

Implants function like teeth29

Implants are the perfect method for replacing our missing teeth because they look and perform just like our natural teeth. The reason why natural teeth can withstand tremendous force is because they are rooted in the jaw bone. Dental implants begin with a tiny titanium “root”. Titanium is used because it naturally bonds with our bone, creating a solid foundation for the replacement tooth. Your cosmetic dentist will insert the implant surgically, and then allow sufficient time for the bone and titanium to bond together, and then he or she will arrange to have your replacement teeth crafted and set into the implant. Once the implanted tooth is in place, you have a replacement tooth that lasts for decades. Implants will return your ability to eat, chew and talk as you always have. You will not suffer from your face being misshapen because of bone loss that occurs when a tooth is lost. Dental implants will restore a healthy and youthful smile.

Dental implants in the Carolinas

 If you live in the Charlotte, NC area and you are considering some form of tooth replacement, confer with the cosmetic dentists at The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry. Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda have helped thousands of patients restore their smile. They have one of the most advanced dental practices in all of the Carolinas. They are committed to every patient experiencing quality, pain free dentistry. Call them today and schedule a free consultation for tooth replacement and you will learn why dental implants are the absolute best option.

The Ballantyne dentists bring smiles to Charlotte, NC

Revealing the south Charlotte dentists

If you wanted to describe the Ballantyne dentists in a quote, Katherine Graham, the Pulitzer winning editor and publisher said it best, “To love what you do and feel that it matters—how could anything be more fun?” Katherine Graham assumed the mantle of leadership of a major newspaper and publishing empire just when the roads of opportunity and responsibility crossed before her. She was endowed with a task she never dreamed would be a part of her story, and in the process, discovered that her new professional life was exactly what she wanted to do.

Many of us will have an idea of what we want to do, and along the way, there are events that reveal who we are and either confirms our direction or profoundly affects it. Cosmetic dentistry is so much more than helping people get a better smile. That is only the part that the patients see. Behind the scenes, helping patients get this smile requires extensive knowledge, commitment, and years of continued education. When you are seeking technical ability combined with the artistic talent that will create the best smile you can get, you need to visit a cosmetic dentist. Because of cosmetic dentistry, thousands of patients in Charlotte, NC achieve the smile of their dreams. Whether patients simply need teeth whitening, are faced with a dental emergency, or need a complete smile makeover; the cosmetic dentist is the one to see.

The Ballantyne dentists

If you live in the south Charlotte area, you have two cosmetic dentists who truly understand their impact on the community and they love what they do. Both are graduates of the University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry and continue to teach and instruct as experts in the dental community. Both doctors are accredited by the American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry which means that they have had extensive training in the sub-specialty of Cosmetic Dentistry. Beyond their vast amount of experience and education, it is evident that they are committed to a positive patient experience.

Dr. Christian Yaste


Dr. Yaste was forever affected by his experience as an emergency dental patient while he was in dental school. The incident gave him valuable perspective from the patient point of view. Because of his understanding, he has committed his professional life to ensuring that every one of his patients experience relaxed and pain free dental care.

Dr. Joe Hufanda

Dr. Hufanda has an avid interest in fine arts, particularly music, and painting. His recreational pursuits include playing the piano for personal pleasure as well as for his church, and painting with watercolor and acrylic paints. His natural talent helps him professionally as cosmetic dentistry is not only technical; it requires a great deal of artistic ability.

South Charlotte cosmetic dentistry

Improving your smile is more than just technical ability. Cosmetic dentists understand the importance of improving your smile, but they also must be dedicated to making the dental experience relaxed and pain free. Patients should come to expect work that is beautifully crafted, because whether we like it or not, our smile is our first and most lasting impression. Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda have worked very hard to make The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry the premier dental experience for the residents of Charlotte, NC. Walking into their office is like a visit to a day spa. The Dentists and their staff listen and respond to your concerns and your goals for perfect oral health. Call their office today to schedule a free consultation and you will see why the Ballantyne dentists are a great choice for cosmetic dentistry.

Preparing for porcelain veneer remakes

The disappointment of failed porcelain veneers

When faced with the reality of porcelain veneer remakes, one needs to look at the situation objectively. Patients make a serious investment in their dental work and it can be disheartening and disappointing when the work fails. It would be nice if we could get the day, hour, and week when it is time to make a change or repairs. For example, if you buy auto tires, they are rated for so many thousand miles, so you will know what kind of life span to expect for the tires. If you purchase auto tires that are rated to last for 60,000 miles and if you rotate them regularly and keep them properly inflated, they may last you 70,000 or even 80, 000 miles. If you do not maintain them, you may not even get the 60,000. Likewise, any dental work you have had performed, will last a long time if you see your dentist for regular checkups. Your dentist should be able to catch and fix problems before they fail.

Everything has a lifespan30

For example if a patient has porcelain veneers and the patients teeth shift for some reason, the improper bite can be caught in a regular checkup, perhaps your dentist can make a small adjustment and save the problem of a broken veneer on down the road.  Sometimes it may become necessary to wear a small appliance to bed at night to increase the life span of the veneer, or to save the inconvenience of having to remake the veneer. Dental veneers are the workhorse of dental procedures. They can take an ugly situation like a broken tooth and make it look great, so it is particularly upsetting when a porcelain veneer fails. Any time you have a broken veneer or a broken tooth, save the pieces, and get in to see your cosmetic dentist as soon as possible.

The bottom line is that many procedures will fail for many reasons. This is why it is important to choose a competent and skilled cosmetic dentist to keep your dental work in top shape. It is not the intent here to focus on failed dentistry and to point fingers, it is important that you find a dentist who is skilled and caring; who understands your desires and goals for your dental health. All cosmetic dentistry has a “shelf life” and in your case, it may simply be time to update your procedure. What is comforting is that materials and technology are improving all the time. If you are replacing a crown that you had placed 10 years ago, it is highly likely that your new crown will be even better than the one it is replacing. The goal of your cosmetic dentist is simply to help you achieve a beautiful smile, alleviate your pain, and help you achieve excellent dental health for years to come.

Cosmetic remakes in North Carolina

When it comes to remake and repair of dental work, the residents of Charlotte, NC are fortunate to count on The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry. They have helped thousands of patients achieve the smile of their dreams. Whether you need something as simple as teeth whitening, or if you have experienced trauma due to an accident, they can help you reclaim your great smile. Dr. Yaste and Dr. Hufanda are experts in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. If you have a problem with dental veneer or porcelain veneer remakes, call them for a consultation and you will not regret your decision.

Cosmetic dentists turn back the clock on your smile

Cosmetic dentistry for a new you

If you were to describe the results cosmetic dentists have on smiles, you could say it was like a fountain of youth for your smile. One of the most active and hardest working parts of our body is our mouth and teeth. The mouth works on two fronts; it provides a critical function and serves as one of the most important attributes of our looks. Our teeth and mouth is the first step in the digestions of food and nutrients. The teeth are designed to bite, tear, and grind food. This requires tremendous force from our jaws which, over decades of wear, grind down on our teeth, changing their shape and position. In addition to that, our teeth darken as we get older. If you use tobacco or food and drink that stain your teeth, eventually your teeth will look pretty bad.  At that point, they can no longer serve as the healthy smile you had in your youth, nor do they give your face its youthful shape.

Cosmetic dentistry results in improving your smile, but not without resolving the issues that decrease your ability to function. Fortunately, the cosmetic dentist has the technology and the artistic skill to improve any problem that is brought on by age, and the beauty is that he or she can make the improvements look brand new.

An answer for every problem

For example, if your teeth are discolored, your cosmetic dentist has an7 number of ways to whiten your teeth to your natural youthful color. If your teeth will not whiten, he or she can restore their color with dental veneers or porcelain veneers.  If your teeth are chipped, cracked or broken, veneers can also restore the teeth to their natural shape and color. If you have gaps in your teeth or crooked teeth, your cosmetic dentist can straighten them with nearly invisible braces that are much faster and comfortable than traditional metal braces. If you have missing teeth, your cosmetic dentist can provide you with dental implants and create replacement teeth that look just like your natural ones, and they will last for decades. Whatever the problem, your cosmetic dentist can fix your smile to make it look brand new.

Cosmetic dentistry in North Carolina

Cosmetic dentistry should be thought of as a sub-specialty in the dental profession. Do not be fooled into thinking that it is only about fixing the smile. Cosmetic dentistry is much, much more than helping people get a better smile. The goal is to give a better smile while correcting the issues that keep you from enjoying the best oral health. If you are a resident of Charlotte, NC and you need to restore your youthful and healthy smile. Consider The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry. Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joe Hufanda are skilled and experienced leaders in the dental community. Call them today to schedule a free consultation and see how cosmetic dentistry is indeed a fountain of youth for your smile.

Dental Crowns have improved for your benefit

Technology has greatly improved the process of dental crowns

Dental crowns are becoming another example of modern technology making life better. However, like most tools that come our way, we can find them to be a “two edged sword”. The advent of computer chips places remarkable technology in our hands, yet, at the same time, it provides endless entertainment for my teen-aged daughter with a cell phone that also is a camera, receives internet, plays video games, stores countess books, music, and even movies. Needless to say that she will be hard pressed to lack for entertainment.

Chances are that her and her friends will never ever consider some sort of handwork for recreation such as sewing or knitting. The computer printer makes handwriting a lost art. Last but not least, Journalism is a lost art. Politicians and newsmen alike have grown accustomed to speaking in sound bytes, that make great highlights without substance. Gone are the days of great newsmen who gave us detailed, thoughtful information. The news has become entertainment that can be easily conveyed on social media.

However, computer technology has also made our lives much more31 efficient. There was a time when custom work at the dentist, such as crowns or veneers, meant 2 or 3 visits and a couple of weeks to wait for your crown to come back from the lab. Thanks to CEREC® computer technology, your cosmetic dentist can create the perfect crown or tooth restoration right in his office. Fast does not mean low quality. Your crowns are made out of the highest quality materials. This means that they not only look great, but can last for years. Your dentist will prepare your tooth as normal. However, instead of making an impression to send out to the lab, he or she takes an image of the tooth with a special camera. The image is transformed into a 3D model of your new crown. That image is sent to a special milling machine right in their dental office and your new crown will be fashioned and ready for you. This innovation not only provides patients with better quality crowns but also saves the patient dental visits as well.

CEREC® crowns in Charlotte, NC

If you are in need of tooth restorations, and you are looking for the most advanced technology and service, your first choice should be The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry. The Center is one of the few cosmetic dentistry practices in North Carolina and South Carolina to offer CEREC®. In addition to that, cosmetic dentists, Dr. Christian Yaste, D.D.S., and Dr. Joe Hufanda, D.D.S. founded the Ballantyne Center for Dentistry in 2001. Since then, they have helped thousands of patients improve their smiles. Call them and schedule an appointment for a free consultation, and learn how you can get fast and affordable dental crowns.

No need to be afraid of the dentist with sedation dentistry

Learn how sedation dentistry can help you relax at your Charlotte dentist office

Are you afraid of the dentist? If you are, you are not alone and you have nothing to be ashamed of. Depending on the report you will read, somewhere between 75 to 80% of adults carry some type of fear of the dentist. Fear is not quantifiable, nor is there only one particular kind of fear. Some fear is simply based upon facing the unknown. The other type of fear is grounded in our own negative experiences. The bottom line is that regardless of the fear, it is real, and you need to find a dentist that believes patients should never have to deal with pain.

Fear of the unknown is understandable. If you have never experienced a dental visit, you are a target for everyone who will share their own negative experiences, not to mention your own imagination. On the other hand, there are many things that patients legitimately fear about dental visits. The lists of fears are about the tools of the trade and various items such as needles, drills, the sounds, smells, and pain. One can be fearful of innocuous parts of dentistry such as a lecture from the dentist. It really does not matter about the reasons for your fears; the message here is to know that dentistry is taking steps to directly address your fears through sedation dentistry.

Visiting a pain free dentist who uses sedation dentistry32

When you first arrive at a pain free dental office, you should notice right away that it is set up to provide an ambiance and an environment that relaxes patients. Some of the premier sedation dental practices will remind you of a trip to the spa. After arriving, you will be given a couple of choices in sedation, based on recommendations from your sedation dentist. When the dentist assesses that you are in a state of relaxation, only then will they begin the procedure. You may become so relaxed that you drift off to sleep. When you awaken and go home, you may not even remember the procedure at all.

Pain free dentistry in Charlotte, NC

If you reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, you are fortunate to have two of the premier sedation dentists right in your back yard. Both Dr. Christian Yaste and Dr. Joseph Hufanda are certified in oral sedation by DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation). They and the trained staff at The Ballantyne Center for Dentistry are committed to making every patient experience, relaxed and pain free care. They have helped countless patients remain calm and comfortable from the time they walk in the door until you are back at home again. Once you have experienced sedation dentistry, you will discover the keys to good oral health, and a winning smile. Call Ballantyne Center for Dentistry today and see why you no longer need to be afraid of the dentist.

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Congratulations to Dr. Christian T. Yaste, DDS on winning the 2015 Patients' Choice Awards for Dentistry in Charlotte, NC
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